Our Clear Self Healing Cutting Mats are ideal to protect your workbench or flat-bed applicator from damage. Self Healing Cutting Mat Rolls will help you to cut smoothly without running into existing grooves, also increasing the lifespan of your blades.

Our Clear Self Healing Cutting Mat Roll is available in a wide range of sizes. For a custom length mat, select one of the "Per Metre" options from the list and select the quantity you need.

Ideal Applications

This transparent mat is suitable for all workbenches or Flat-bed Applicators such as RollsRoller, Rollover, CWT, Lamidesk, BoBis, Bubble Free, Roll-X, Module Mounter, Rapid Applicator, V-Roller, Mounters Mate, SignMaster.

The Clear Self Healing Cutting Mat Roll is NOT recommended for use with Rotary Cutters - Instead, please see our Green Cutting Mats

Features and Benefits

  • Clear blue tint matting material
  • Durable anti-glare surface
  • Excellent self healing properties
  • Thickness: 5mm
  • Suitable for use with Craft knives, Scalpels and Stanley knives
  • Fire retardant (M2 Rated)

Cutting mat care tips;

  • Use a light touch with your knife. The object is to cut through the materials and just slightly into the mat.
  • Clean the mat with detergents, cleaners or solvents as the mat is impervious to most types of cleaners.
  • Your mat should be rolled out shiny side down. It may take 24 to 48 hours to lay totally flat after being rolled up.
  • Once the matt side is totally worn, the reverse can also be used if required.


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