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Rubber Matting

Discover a complete range of Rubber Matting at First Mats, one of the UK's top-rated matting specialists. Our range features durable rubber floor mats, stylish door mats, and versatile rubber matting rolls, all crafted with exceptional quality to cater to your needs. Trust First Mats for the perfect blend of functionality and aesthetics, creating a safer and more comfortable environment in both residential and commercial spaces. - Click to learn more about Rubber Matting

More information about Rubber Matting

Rubber Matting is a versatile product that can bring many benefits to your business, such as improved safety and protection of your floor surfaces. Rubber mats are one of the most popular and highly effective types of matting in many different material grades, styles and sizes, especially in industrial environments.

At First Mats, we proudly offer one of the UK's top-rated selections of rubber matting, catering to various environments and trusted by the country's leading organisations. Our commitment to exceptional quality is evident in our ISO-accredited suppliers who manufacture top-notch matting. We strive to provide our customers with not only outstanding products but also unparalleled customer service. The increasing number of positive reviews reflects why First Mats is the go-to choice for all types of rubber mats.

In the following sections, we'll delve deeper into rubber matting, equipping you with the knowledge to make an informed purchase. For further information or assistance, don't hesitate to contact our Customer Services team.

What is Rubber Matting?

Rubber matting encompasses a range of floor coverings primarily composed of rubber, which can be either natural rubber or a blend with nitrile to yield a more robust compound. Owing to its remarkable versatility, rubber matting can be found in diverse settings, including gyms, kitchens, and factories.

The various designs and styles of rubber matting are specifically tailored to enhance performance and functionality, catering to the unique requirements of each application.

Rubber Matting Types Available

Our rubber matting is available in various forms to suit different purposes. Here are the most popular types:

  1. Standing Mats: Commonly utilised in workshops, these mats often incorporate a hole pattern to effectively trap and contain swarf or debris, promoting a cleaner and safer work environment.

  2. Rubber Matting Rolls: These versatile mats serve many purposes, including floor coverings, workbench linings, seals, and shock absorption. You can select from ribbed texture matting for improved grip or opt for smoother studded rubber for various floor surfaces.

  3. Heavy-Duty Rubber Mats: Assess the usage intensity and environment before selecting your rubber matting. In high-traffic or demanding settings, consider more durable options such as nitrile rubber blend mats for enhanced longevity.

  4. Outdoor Rubber Mats: While most mats are suitable for outdoor applications, some offer better performance in direct sunlight. To ensure suitability, consult product descriptions or contact us for expert guidance.

By carefully considering the specific requirements of your space, you can confidently choose the most suitable rubber matting to meet your needs.

Rubber Matting Buying Advice

Using floor mats of any kind can bring many benefits to your business, and at First Mats, we cater for a diverse range of industries and applications.

Rubber Matting for Industrial Workshops and Factories

Workshops and factories pose potential hazards, but the right rubber matting significantly enhances worker safety and minimises accidents. Rubber mats, typically placed in front of machines or lathes, offer numerous benefits:

  1. Comfort: Rubber mats provide a cushioned surface, reducing discomfort and pain from prolonged standing.
  2. Slip Resistance: Rubber matting minimises the risk of slips due to oils, water, and other liquids on the floor.
  3. Cleanliness: Rubber mats with holes trap swarf, the debris produced during machining, preventing it from spreading.

By ensuring safety, maintaining cleanliness, and improving productivity, rubber matting serves as an invaluable asset across various industries.

Our recommendations;

Rubber Mat in a workshop setting


Rubber Mats for Commercial Kitchens

Kitchens and food production facilities share challenges with industrial workshops, such as worker fatigue and slip risks. However, rubber matting for these areas must be specifically tailored to maintain hygiene and drain away spilt liquids.

While natural rubber performs well on dry or wet floors, it is incompatible with oil or grease. Nitrile compound mats are a more resilient option, offering a longer lifespan. Rubber matting for kitchens is often treated with antibacterial properties to further enhance hygiene and safety, ensuring a suitable environment for food production.

Our Recommendations;

  • KrossMat – Made from 100% Nitrile Rubber, this premium mat is perfect for commercial kitchens.
  • SturdySafe Blue – Coloured Blue, this mat helps to distinguish between your Natural and Nitrile Rubber Mats.
KrossMat Rubber Mat in a Kitchen


Rubber Matting for Gyms and Leisure Centres

Rubber matting is also prevalent in gyms and leisure centres, where its exceptional durability makes it ideal for handling heavy weights. Proper matting protects both the floors from damage and gym users from potential injuries, ensuring a safe and well-maintained workout environment.

Our Recommendations;

  • Heavy-Duty Weight Lifting Mats – Thick, durable rubber matting which is perfect for free-weights areas.
  • Pro-Gym Equipment Mats – These popular mats protect floors from gym benches and equipment.

Stables and Farms

Increasingly, horse owners opt for rubber matting in stables, as it reduces the need for frequently replacing hay or straw, resulting in significant cost savings over time. Rubber matting offers a comfortable surface for horses and owners, and its natural insulating properties provide protection against the winter cold. Additionally, rubber mats are suitable for other agricultural applications, such as housing cattle and various livestock.

Our Recommendations;

  • Equine Stable Mats – This thick and strong rubber matting will last for years in stables whilst saving money on traditional flooring materials.
Equine Rubber Stable Mat

Playgrounds and Parks

Our rubber matting range extends to recreational areas, particularly children’s play areas. Safety is at the heart of the First Mats range; that’s why we now offer mats which have been tested for critical fall heights to ensure they can help protect children from serious injuries. Our products in these areas feature a pattern of holes, which helps drain water away and allow grass to grow through them.

Our Recommendations;

  • PlayProtect – With its purpose-designed honeycomb pattern, this mat is ideal for play areas that maintain a natural green-looking floor area.

Wherever you are using your Rubber Matting, choose First Mats as your trusted supplier of matting, and you will receive only the highest quality products available on the market. When it comes to safety, don’t cut corners. Read our reviews to learn what customers say about our service and matting.



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