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Rubber Matting

Rubber matting includes any type of mats or floor coverings made from rubber including Swarf Mats, Anti-Fatigue Mats, Gym Mats and Rubber Flooring Rolls. Rubber is naturally water-resistant and provides excellent grip on floors making it a perfect material to use in matting. Rubber Matting is commonly used in Workshops, Gyms, Stables, in Walkways and entrances, depending on the style and size you need.

Rubber Matting - More Information

Rubber Swarf Matting

Rubber Matting is a versatile product that can bring many benefits to your business such as improved safety and protection of your floor surfaces. Available in many different material grades, styles and sizes, rubber mats are one of the most popular and highly effective types of matting, especially in industrial environments.

We stock one of the UK’s largest ranges of rubber matting, with products to cater for almost every environment. Trusted by some of the country’s largest organisations, we only offer matting made to the highest standards which are manufactured by ISO accredited suppliers. At First Mats, we have always aimed to provide our customers with both excellent products and first-class customer service. Our growing number of positive reviews is one of the main reasons why so many people have made First Mats their first choice for all types of Rubber Mats.

Below, we will cover Rubber Matting in greater detail to help you make an informed purchasing decision. But please remember that if you need any further information or assistance then contact our Customer Services team for assistance.

What is Rubber Matting?

Broadly speaking, Rubber Matting is any type of floor matting that is made primarily from Rubber. This could be either Natural Rubber or blended with Nitrile to create a more durable compound.

The versatility of rubber means that it can be found in a wide variety of locations such as gyms, kitchens and factories, with different designs or styles to make them perform better for their purpose.

Rubber Matting Benefits

Using floor mats of any kind can bring many benefits to your business, and at First Mats, we cater for a diverse range of industries and applications. Workshops and factories can be hazardous places but with the right rubber matting in place, the workforce can be better protected against accidents and injuries. In these areas, rubber mats are normally placed in front of a machine or lathe resulting in several benefits;

Comfort – Rubber provides a softer surface for workers to stand on. They help to reduce the discomfort and pains caused by prolonged periods of standing

Slip Resistance – With the constant risk of oils, water and other liquids on the floors, rubber matting can help to minimise the chances of slip accidents.

Cleanliness – Some machines such as lathes produce Swarf, the small bits of debris created during the machining process. Rubber mats with holes will help to trap these small pieces of swarf, stopping them from spreading across the surrounding floors.

This matting provides better safety, great presentation and improved productivity in whatever industry you work in.

Our recommendations;

Rubber Mats for Commercial Kitchens and Restaurants

Food production facilities face many of the same challenges as industrial workshops, such as worker fatigue and the risk of slips, but the rubber matting used in these areas needs to be especially suited to these environments.

Natural rubber is excellent on dry or wet floors but isn’t compatible with Oil or Grease. In this case, a mat made from a Nitrile compound should be used instead as this will be more resilient and ultimately offer a longer lifespan.

Rubber matting designed specifically for kitchens is often treated to inhibit the growth of bacteria to further improve hygiene and safety.

Our Recommendations;

  • KrossMat – Made from 100% Nitrile Rubber, this premium mat is perfect for commercial kitchens
  • SturdySafe Blue – Coloured Blue, this mat helps to distinguish between your Natural and Nitrile Rubber Mats

Rubber Matting for Gyms and Leisure Centres

Rubber Matting isn’t just for industrial environments. One of the other areas they can commonly be found is in Gyms and Leisure Centres. Rubber is an exceptionally durable material, making it perfect to handle the heavy weights used by gym-goers. Without the right matting in place, there is a greater risk of damage to the floors or injury to gym users.

Our Recommendations;

  • Heavy-Duty Weight Lifting Mats – Thick, durable rubber matting which is perfect for free-weights areas.
  • Pro-Gym Equipment Mats – These popular mats are ideal for protecting floors from gym benches and equipment.

Stables and Farms

More horse owners are choosing Rubber Matting for their stables. The main reason is that it reduces the need to use as much hay or straw on the floors which need to be replaced regularly, meaning that a large amount of money can be saved over time.

Rubber Matting also provides a more comfortable floor for the horses and owners, with natural insulating properties that help to protect against the cold in winter.

The mats can also be used in other agricultural areas, such as with cattle and other livestock.

Our Recommendations;

  • Equine Stable Mats – This thick and strong rubber matting will last for years in stables, whilst saving money on traditional flooring materials.

Playgrounds and Parks

Our rubber matting range extends to recreational areas, particularly children’s play areas. Safety is at the heart of the First Mats range, that’s why we now offer mats which have been tested for critical fall heights to ensure they can help protect children from serious injuries. Our products used in these areas feature a pattern of holes, which helps to drain water away as well as allowing grass to grow through them.

Our Recommendations;

  • PlayProtect – With its purpose-designed honeycomb pattern, this mat is ideal for play areas looking to maintain a natural green looking floor area.

Wherever you are using your Rubber Matting, choose First Mats as your trusted supplier of matting and you will receive only the highest quality products available on the market. When it comes to safety, don’t cut corners. Read our reviews to find out what customers say about our service and matting.