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Office Floor Mats

Browse our range of office floor mats designed for offices and retail environments including standing desk mats, retail anti-fatigue mats, water cooler drip mats and office entrance mats.

Office Floor Mats - More Information

Office Water Cooler Mat

Just as with your home, choosing the right floor mats for offices, retail or other commercial environments is important to maintain a good level of floor cleanliness. Unlike homes, however, these office mats will need to withstand a larger volume of traffic and therefore need to be extra durable.

Office floor mats also serve different functions, such as a floor mat to soak up water spillages near a water cooler or anti-fatigue mats behind bars, checkouts and help desks. In any case, with First Mats, you can browse through a selection of floor mats that are highly suited to office and retail environments, made with only the highest quality materials and to excellent standards. 


Office Entrance Mats

Keeping your floors clean is important for several reasons. Floors should be clean, to present the right image for your customers. They should be dry, keeping your staff safe and they should be of a high-quality to ensure a long life span. If you are looking for entrance mats in a retail environment, please head over to our heavy-duty entrance mats category to see the full range.

Anti-Fatigue Mats for Offices

A relatively new addition to offices and retail environments are anti-fatigue mats. Unlike their industrial counterparts, which are designed for heavy footwear and machining debris, these anti-fatigue mats are designed to be used underneath an office desk or behind a help desk counter. They are also often visible to customers so more visually pleasing options are also available.

Water Cooler Drip Mats

As well as being a source for fresh cold drinking water, water coolers are often a place where staff members meet and greet or catch up over their favourite TV shows. It's not surprising that water can spill from over-filled cups around these areas. Fortunately, the problem can be reduced by using a floor mat made to the same high standards as an entrance mat but with extra absorbent fibres to prevent slips from occurring around these areas.

Office Chair Mats

Protect floors from unsightly damage with our Office Chair Mats. Made from durable PET, these mats promise a long lifespan with options for both smooth and carpeted floor types in various shapes and sizes.

Floor Cable Protectors

You can further increase safety in your office areas with our Floor Cable Protectors which reduce the hazard created by loose trailing cables. Not only can you protect yourself and colleagues from trip accidents but also protect expensive IT equipment from damage.