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Gas Cylinder Stands

With our British Made Gas Cylinder Stands, you can keep pressurised gas cylinders of all kinds stored securely without any risk of them falling over. Our range includes wall-mounted and floor-mounted versions, with the capacity to store 1 to 4 cylinders at a time. Our Gas Cylinder Stand modelsare offered with free mainland UK delivery on all orders over £45. Order your new gas cylinder stand online or get in touch with our team for help and advice.

Gas Cylinder Stands - More Information

Gas Cylinder Wall Rack

What is a Gas Cylinder Stand?

Gas Cylinder Stands are designed to store and restrain one or more gas cylinders in an upright position so that they can't topple over or be damaged. You’ll find Gas Cylinder Stands in warehouses, laboratories, welding facilities, and factories – anywhere, in fact, that uses pressurised gas cylinders.

How does a Gas Cylinder Stand work?

Many Gas Cylinder Stand models are bolted to the floor and / or the wall, for secure and stable storage. Others are freestanding, with additional bracing and supports, and are ideal for situations where there is no option to fix the rack to the wall or floor or the workplace has frequent layout changes. Whether the gas cylinder stand is fixed or freestanding, restraining chains or braces keep the gas cylinders securely in position. 

What are the benefits of using a Gas Cylinder Stand?

Gas cylinders are highly pressurised and flammable, with potential for serious workplace accidents – it’s no surprise that handling and storing them is so heavily regulated. A gas cylinder stand is specifically designed to store gas cylinders safely, as:

  • They restrain cylinders securely to prevent them from falling over or falling onto another gas cylinder
  • The gas cylinder stand allows the cylinder to be stored upright, with the valve uppermost, in line with HSE guidance – this also stops them from becoming a trip hazard
  • Gas Cylinder Stands can store one or several gas cylinders, allowing companies to store only what they need
  • Gas cylinder stands that house more than one gas cylinder means that gas cylinders are physically separated from each other, which minimises the risk of damage

A gas cylinder stand will also allow gas cylinders to be easily and safely moved on and off Gas Cylinder Carts without the need to drag or roll them.

For safety reasons, gas cylinders with different gas types should be segregated and stored in separate Gas Cylinder Stands. Full and empty gas cylinders should also be kept in separate Gas Cylinder Stands.

Which Gas Cylinder Stands are in the First Mats range?

We have a wide range of Gas Cylinder Stand models, all manufactured in the UK and providing safe and secure storage for gas cylinders. We have three different types:

  • wall-mounted racks, cost-effective and easy to install
  • racks with a base plate, for fixing to the floor and wall
  • freestanding gas cylinder stands, no installation required

The Gas Cylinder Stands are available in different widths, so that gas cylinders of different sizes (100mm to 270mm diameter) can be stored securely with no risk of sideways movement.

We also have Gas Cylinder Stands that can house one cylinder on its own or several, up to six. Our Single Sided Gas Cylinder Floor Stand can even be joined back to back to form a Double Sided rack with twice the capacity.

Other safety features include:

  • restraining chains or braces
  • pre-drilled holes for fixing to walls and / or floors; in the case of our freestanding options such as the Round Gas Cylinder Stands, extra bracing and supports
  • manufactured from 3mm sheet steel, such as the Economy Gas Cylinder Floor Stands or fully welded, such as the Single and Double Sided Gas Cylinder Floor Stands, for strength and structural integrity
  • Durable epoxy finish, in blue or light grey

Some have extra safety features, such as the Hinged Latch Gas Cylinder Stand. The hinged latch means that getting the gas cylinder in and out of the rack is easy, and once in place, the gas cylinder is secured with wing nuts. And its vertical bracing and heavy base plate stops gas cylinders toppling over.

Why Buy Your Gas Cylinder Stand from First Mats?

We know our customers are looking for quality safety products at competitive prices, backed by outstanding customer service – we work hard to deliver on this, which is why we have a Five Star Trustpilot rating. When you buy from First Mats, you’ll get the right product at the right price, with the added bonus of free delivery to all mainland UK destinations on orders over £45. Please don't hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions about a gas cylinder stand or any of our other products.