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Charging Lockers

Keep your valuable laptops, tablets, tools, and other equipment safe and secure with our premium charging lockers. Each locker features individual compartments with their own plug, allowing you to charge electrical equipment without worrying about theft. All of our Charging Lockers are available with free UK mainland delivery as standard on orders over £45. Order your charging lockers online or get in touch with our team for helpand advice.

Charging Lockers - More Information

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What are charging lockers?

Charging lockers are lockable units that offer users the ability to both safely store and charge electrical products with ease.

Our range of charging lockers are made from hard-wearing materials and can be used to charge various products including laptops, tablets, and power tools. Charging lockers are the perfect option for those who need to regularly charge items unattended and want peace of mind that those items are safe and secure.


What are the benefits of charging lockers?

Charging lockers offer the obvious benefits of allowing you to charge key electrical products, whilst simultaneously keeping them safe and secure. These lockers are particularly helpful to businesses and schools, who need to leave expensive and important assets like tools and laptops unattended whilst charging them, so they are ready for immediate use once removed from the locker.

When it comes to power tool charging lockers, this setup can also increase the efficiency of those using the tools. Charging lockers allow for one tool to be charged in an obvious, central, and safe location, whilst another is being used. This means there is always a tool ready to use without running the risk of losing it by charging it across multiple locations.

Charging lockers can also provide health and safety benefits. Lockers for laptops serve as a place where users can occasionally store heavy computer equipment, saving themselves from the unnecessary strain of carrying it around. Equally, power tool lockers ensure that potentially dangerous tools are kept out of the way and can only be accessed by those who are suitably qualified to do so.

Laptop and tablet charging lockers deliver protection of potentially sensitive data held on the devices, allowing them to be locked away while not being used.


Who are these products for?

Laptop charging lockers can be used by any business or school that uses laptops or tablets. They offer a perfect solution on occasions where multiple people may be using the same device over some time, giving you a central location to store them under lock and key.

Power tool charging lockers can be used by any business that uses power tools. They work especially well on permanent or semi-permanent sites where power tools get used regularly such as on vocational/technical educational locations or in workshops.


Which charging locker should I use?

Choosing the right charging locker for your needs depends widely on your situation. Laptop charging lockers are ideal when you need to store and charge laptops or tablets. Similarly, power tool lockers are perfect for charging electric power tool battery packs.

You also need to make sure that you have enough storage to meet both your charging and storage requirements. For example, it is worth asking yourself what is the maximum number of power tool charging packs you will need to store safely at one time. This will give you an idea of how many lockers you will need.

Laptop charging lockers come with two access options. Individually locked compartments are a good option when you need to provide multiple people with access to individual laptops. A single door to access all laptops may be better suited to a classroom environment where one teacher needs to access all the devices at once.


Why buy charging lockers from First Mats?

At First Mats, we offer the best quality charging lockers on the market. All our lockers are germ guard powder-coated, CE tested and compliant with EU safety laws. They also come in multiple colours, sizes and options meaning you can find the perfect charging locker for your needs.

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