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Circular Logo Mats

Circular Logo mats are an excellent, cost-effective way of promoting your brand and displaying your name, logo or slogan to everyone that comes through your doors. Used to great effect in sites as wide-ranging as schools, libraries, shops, restaurants and hotels, circular logo mats give your entranceway a vibrant, eye-catching and attractive touch of professionalism and quality. 

Our circular and semi-circular/half-moon logo mats are manufactured with durability in mind – they last for years without fading, discolouring or wearing. Indoor circular logo mats can be personalised with your design and with you five to seven business days after ordering. 

  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
  • Sizes from 85cm to 150cm diameter
  • Choice of Full or Half-Circle shapes
  • Free Quotation with Visual Design
  • Fully machine washable
  • Slip-Resistant Rubber Backing


Red Circular Logo Mat

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Gone are the days of monochromatic mats. Our printing process allows for 60 different colours, with a broad spectrum of shades and vivid inks that can really make your logo pop. Throughout the design process we keep in contact with you to make sure you are truly delighted when your mat arrives. 

Of course, the core value of a mat is not necessarily in the logo or design: it is in its ability to clean and dry the feet and boost your site health and safety. Our circular indoor logo mats have a high-quality carpet upper to take care of the soles of the shoes, and a thick, premium-grade rubber backing to minimize any movement of the mat itself. The mats are made from 50% recycled materials, using low-energy methods, making for an eco-friendly product.

Circular logo mats are finished with a smart coating that repels stains and protects from sun damage, without sacrificing dirt or moisture absorbency. The mats are also colour fast –you won’t have to deal with the inks or designs rubbing off and staining your other flooring.

You can choose between ‘claw’-style backing, which grips onto carpets, or smooth backing which is better suited to laminate, wood or other hard flooring types. Either way, our mats are certified as high-traction by the National Floor Safety Institute, and adhere to the relevant British Standard safety requirements. 

1 - High-Definition Printing Quality

Our state-of-the-art printing processes allow your logo to be presented on a mat exactly as intended. With 60 shades to choose from, whether you need a vivid pillar box red, a nuanced sky blue or a deep black – we’ve got you covered. 

high definition logo mat

2 - Stain Resistance

The smart microscopic coating that our circular entrance mats are finished with actively repels stains caused by common substances – including wine, coffee, oils and greases. Your mat will come out the other side looking just as fresh and new as the day you unpacked it. 

stain resistance logo mats

3 - Incredible Performance

Style and performance combine in our circular indoor logo floor mats. Built for high traffic environments, the mats have high moisture and dirt absorbency (they can trap up to 900g/ m² of dirt and 3.6l/m² moisture), amazing durability and wear resistance, and fantastic anti-slip properties.

  • Claw Backing - Prevents movement on carpeted floors
  • Smooth Backing - Perfect for smooth floor surfaces such as wood, vinyl or tiled.

Dirt and Moisture Absorption

Every LogoStar mat can trap up to a phenomenal 900g/m² of dirt and 3.6l/m² moisture.

dirt and moisture trapping mats

4 - Safety Certified

Entrance mats provide a great boost to your site safety – they stop moisture and dirt from making their way into and around your site and becoming slip and fall hazards. Our circular indoor logo mats are officially certified as ‘high traction’ by the National Floor Safety Institute, and adhere to British Standard 4790 (1987) for fire safety. 

safe floor matting

5 - Environmentally Friendly 

Our indoor logo mats are manufactured from 50% PET post-consumer recycled content. This includes plastic bottles, carrier bags, and packaging that would otherwise end up in landfill or polluting the ocean. The mats also make use of low-energy manufacturing processes, so you can rest assured that your mat is eco-friendly. 

environmentally friendly entrance mats

6 - Colour Retention

Mats are printed with a smart reactive dying method, which is scientifically proven to give long-lasting results. This means that machine washing your mat will not cause fading or discolouration – it will be just as vivid and vibrant as when it was first printed. 


colour fastness and retention

Reactive Dyed mats, such as the LogoStar for example, work by reacting and forming a permanent bond between the dye and the fibres itself. By using this method, the dye gains a literal interlocking connection between the mat fibres and colour, and remains to be the most permanent dying solution to date. Because of this, not only are reactive dyed mats durable but have the upper-hand in comparison to both acid and solution-based options.

  • Better UV and sunlight resistant than solution and acid dyed
  • Better Stain Resistance than solution and acid dyed products
  • Better Colour Resistant than solution and acid dyed products
  • Unmatched Colour Fastness and Retention

Additional Logo Mats Information

100% Nitrile EXS™ Anti-Slip Rubber Backing

Our exclusive Nitrile EXS™ Rubber backing has all the benefits of normal Nitrile rubber but also adds a new latitude of superior advantages in comparison to older nitrile rubber compounds found on lower-quality logo mats.  All LogoStar indoor logo mats have a 100% Nitrile EXS™ rubber backing guaranteeing the best quality you can find on the market.

Exclusive Nitrile EXS™ Benefits

  • Nitrile EXS™ is one of the strongest rubber mat backings in the market today
  • Nitrile EXS™ resists tears, lays flatter with fewer ripples, and is more resistant to abrasion caused by repeated washings.
  • The Nitrile EXS™ rubber compound has a higher tensile strength and higher elastic modulus which is less likely to distort when exposed to high extraction speeds in larger washing equipment.

Rubber Backing Benefits

  • Water and Oil Resistance -The rubber backing provides complete resistance to most petroleum fuels, oils, acids and water.
  • Slip Resistance - Prevents slips, trips and falls and secures the mat down on a variety of different surfaces
  • Long-lasting - Nitrile EXS™ backing has an average long service life of up to 10 years.

Anti-Slip Ready

Why Does Anti-Slip Matting Matter?

Slips, trip and falls are the most common cause of accidents in the workplace. In 2016/17 alone, 29% of all workplace accidents where reported to be cause of this, injuring 87 people every day. With this directly contributing to £5.3 billion of financial losses for businesses in the UK (in 2015/16), anti-slip matting has become an essential necessity for many industrial plants, factories and other areas of work.

Thankfully, our LogoScraper mats are one of the most cost-effective ways to marginalise any hazardous slip-related risks while displaying any promotional media or visual content to your liking. 

How are LogoScraper Mats Slip Resistant?

Our ingenious study rubber backing prevents the mat from sliding out of place on any surface and deters any debris of liquids from leaking underneath, a critical requirement for health and safety relegation conformation and floor hygiene. Combined with a hefty surface, weighing 4.1 kilograms per square meter, LogoScraper boosts traction to prevent slippage for users and passers-by.

Removes swarf, dust and debris effectively

LogoScraper Rubber Logo Mats actively collect and isolate pieces of swarf, debris and dust from the footwear of visitors and operators, keeping your floors clean and free of dust and dirt from outside.  A very popular product within workshops and food production facilities; small particles such as wood chippings, metal filings, plastic chips and pebbles are removed by the thin rubber fingers and sorted within the small wells in-between the raised rubber nubs.

Works at all Angles

LogoScraper Rubber Logo Mats perform well at all angles of foot traffic allowing them to be placed anywhere around entrances or in intensive working areas in any orientation as you see fit, perfect for slated and uneven surfaces and structures. 

Fire Resistant to US Federal Flammability Standards (DOC FF 1-70)

In the unfortunate case of a fire occurring, the last thing you need is the floor setting ablaze and spreading the flames across the entire building!

Fortunately, our LogoScarper mats are fire resistant to the US Federal Flammability Standards (DOC FF1-70) test meaning any live fires will not spread or increase any fire reducing danger and potentially saving lives.

Technical Specifications

For the full technical specifications of our LogoStar floor mats, please view our online PDF here: LogoScraper Specs