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Small Parts Storage Cabinets

Small parts storage cabinets are the perfect storage solution for keeping small parts like washers and screws well organised. Our range contains a selection of different sizes and styles, as well as drawer dividers, which can be used to subdivide the individual drawers. Order your small parts storage cabinets online or contact our knowledgeable team for help and advice.

Small Parts Storage Cabinets - More Information

Small Parts Storage Cabinets

What are small parts storage cabinets?

Small parts storage cabinets are units that hold multiple drawers or parts bins, designed specifically for the storage and organisation of components, fixings, and tools. 

Either freestanding or wall-mounted, small parts storage cabinets allow engineers, repair and maintenance personnel, and production operators to keep small parts close at hand, well-organised, and easily accessed.

What is the benefit of using a small parts storage cabinet?

In addition to keeping work areas tidy and clear, the key benefit of small parts storage cabinets is in improving productivity. A well-organised small parts storage cabinet can allow people to work faster and more efficiently as they will not need to hunt around for a specific part. With a small parts storage cabinet, everything is stored neatly and tidily within reach.

Which small parts storage cabinets are in the First Mats range?

Our range of small parts storage cabinets includes:

  • Economical, entry-level units that are constructed from a sturdy plastic
  • Tough plastic cabinets with steel shelves/drawer supports
  • Full steel cabinets for a heavy-duty, long-life unit
  • Cabinets that can be mounted on turntables in sets of up to 16
  • Wall-mountable and stackable cabinets
  • Large freestanding small parts cabinet options
  • Cabinets with perforated louvre panels which, when used alongside our clip packs, offer flexible secure storage for hand tools and larger parts

We also supply accessories to optimise your small parts storage cabinets, including drawer dividers that allow single drawers to store and organise multiple different items and retaining bars that prevent drawers/bins from fully sliding out of the cabinet - perfect for cabinets that are frequently being moved or are in mobile repair/maintenance vans.

Many of our small parts storage cabinets are available in different size, drawer configuration and colour options to suit specific requirements.

Why buy your small parts storage cabinet from First Mats?

At First Mats, we strive to provide the highest quality goods at competitive prices, whether that is on our small parts storage cabinets or any of our other extensive product lines.

We are extremely proud of our 4.8 out of 5 rating on Trustpilot, as it shows that our customers have consistently appreciated our commitment to providing outstanding service.

If you have any question or comments, please do not hesitate to get in touch with one of our friendly and knowledgeable team members, who will be happy to help.