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High Security Padlocks

Protect your most valuable assets with our range of High Security Padlocks. With a selection of Combination and Keyed Padlocks available in a choice of materials, you're sure to find the perfect padlock that gives you the security you need. All of our High Security Padlocks are offered with free UK delivery.

High Security Padlocks - More Information

High Security Padlocks

When you need to either secure a designated area or protect valuable possessions of a sizeable nature within another tamper-proof environment, then it's absolutely imperative that you invest in the very best tools for the job. High security padlocks which are both fit for purpose and will afford you peace of mind when that something valuable is out of sight, offer the perfect solution to these needs.

Here at First Mats, we are past masters at supplying an enviable selection of high-security padlocks that have been specifically designed and rigorously tested with the objective of safeguarding your material worth. Part of our specialist range of safety and security equipment, these high-security padlocks are engineered with commercial and industrial applications at the top of the agenda, and as such find themselves routinely in high demand with our customer base.

The First Mats High-Security Padlocks Range

First Mats' Bespoke High Security Padlocks Provide Ready-made Solutions to Asset-protection Questions

Take for example our shrouded shackle steel padlock, which is amongst our best selling high security padlocks. This octagonal boron-carbide shackle certainly gives the impression that it means business, courtesy of its seemingly impenetrable exterior aesthetic and clearly robust build quality. This double-deadbolt boron-carbide lock is mated to a corrosion-resistant stainless steel body, and as such will physically deter opportunist thieves armed with hammers or bolt cutters.

Meanwhile, our keyed alike 70mm width stainless steel disc padlock presents itself as the ideal means by which to lend redoubtable fortification to a number of more domestic set-ups. Acknowledged as one of the most popular high security padlocks on the market, this disc mechanism product comes with 2 keys and compliments hasp and staple systems. As more commonly found in sheds and lock-ups. Of course, being keyed alike, this allows you to request multiple locks, all of which will be accessed by the singular master key.

We Offer The Very Latest Range of High Security Padlocks Which Cover All Your Property Safeguarding Requirements

Elsewhere within the First Mats collection of high-security padlocks, you'll discover an extensive choice of what are seen as classic padlock designs. Ones that have perceivably changed little over the years, yet on closer inspection are packed with innovative features and subtly offer a more contemporary visual edge. Look no further than the long handle industrial brass combination padlock.

This key-less entry brass-bodied and octagonal boron carbide shackled high security padlock relies on you electing 4 memorable digits from a durable lock that boasts some 10,000 potential combinations. Secured via a deadlocking mechanism, this versatile, element-proof padlock serves to throw a protective arm around your most valuable assets with ease of use and flexibility its unique USP.

Why Choose First Mats for High Security Padlocks?

As is the case with all the high security padlocks included on this page, First Mats has hand-picked what we believe to be a cross-section of premium quality locks readily championed by the security sector. Mirroring all our other products sourced for commercial, industrial and domestic customers, First Mats also guarantees that our range of high security padlocks meet the demands of the individual task which underpinned the buying process.