Conducive Anti-Static Bench Matting

Our rubber anti-static matting is designed to be used on workbenches and features a static dissipative top layer providing protection for sensitive electrical components.

The two layers combined brings the overall mat thickness to 2mm. The materials are also designed to be solder resistant, protecting the workbench underneath from damage.

  • Two-layer rubber matting
  • Solder Iron Resistant
  • Thickness 2mm
  • Conforms to IEC 61340-2-3
  • Low reflecting
  • Resistance of >10· <10¹ m²

The mat features a 10mm press stud which can be used to connect earthing straps and wires.

Note: Accessories are not included and can be purchased separately.

How to use this mat

The electric mat must be connected by grounding wire and accessories to work.

The accessories needed are:

  • Anti Static Wristband
  • Coil Cord
  • Common Point Ground Wire
  • Earth Bonding Plug.

How do Anti Static Accessories Work With The Mat?

  1. The Anti Wristband connects the wearer to the Coil Cord ( The Coil Cord allows the wearer easy movement.
  2. The Coil Cord then attaches to the Common Point Ground Wire.
  3. The male stud which is already included on the mat, connects to the Coil Cord and the Common Point Ground Wire.
  4. The Grounding Wire connects the Bench Mat to the Earth Bonding Plug.
  5. The Earth Bonding Plug fits into a wall socket, earthing any ESD ( ElectroStatic Discharge ) .

How to use Anti Static Mats

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