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Hotel Entrance Mats

Create a more welcoming first impression with... Create a more welcoming first impression with our Hotel Entrance Mats. Perfect for the lobby or reception area, these premium quality mats are sure to add a touch of class to your hotel, while also keeping floors looking cleaner for... ˅

More information about Hotel Entrance Mats

First impressions count, and many people judge the quality of a hotel by the presentation of its reception area. Grubby carpets definitely send the wrong message, and wet tiled floors pose a slip hazard to your hotel staff and guests. That's why suitable hotel entrance matting is essential for your establishment. This guide will help you choose the best mats for your hotel, no matter your budget.

Hotel entrance mats that set the scene 

Hotel entrance mats help maintain a hotel's lobby's cleanliness and aesthetic appeal. Offering premium quality in both appearance and durability, our hotel door mats help trap dirt, water, snow, and debris from your guests' shoes, keeping your reception areas pristine all day. 

From our low-cost Plush Choice indoor mats, offered in a selection of attractive colours that complement your colour scheme to our DoorGuard line of heavy-duty outdoor rubber mats that ensure your guests' shoes are clean enough to enter the building. 

Explore our selection of premium hotel door mats - for style, value, and quality that matches your brand.

Hotel Entrance Matting Sizes

Size really does matter when it comes to how well a doormat performs. 

People rarely stop to wipe their feet on a mat, and suitcase wheels barely touch a small hotel entrance mat. A large mat at the main hotel entrance helps keep the lobby clean for much longer — the more a mat is stepped on with both feet (ideally, at least three times), the more water and dirt it can remove.

Standard door mats start at 60cm x 90cm (2ft x 3ft), but these are not recommended for your main entrance — these are better for smaller, internal doorways. 

Instead, consider using a size of at least 90cm x 150cm (3ft x 5ft) or a longer mat for large hotel entrances. Our Needlepunch Barrier Mat is available in sizes up to 2 metres wide and 21 metres long.

Entrance Mat Materials and Performance

What do you want from your hotel entrance mat? Do you have a small boutique B&B or a city centre 5-star hotel? Consider daily use, and purchase according to the degree of foot traffic you expect to receive. 

Our entrance mats have ratings against crush resistance, durability, and absorbency to demonstrate how the mat will perform. For example, rubber-backed entrance mats are more expensive but more robust, flexible, and less likely to slip on smooth floors. 

Our Plush Choice is incredibly popular for luxurious environments, offering excellent value and a satisfyingly lush foot feel — but we don't recommend these for very high-traffic hotel entrance areas. Our commercial-grade Premier-Plush is the most luxurious mat in the range — available in custom width and length.

Alternatively, our AquaProtect mat is exceptionally durable and wheelchair-friendly - the strong rubber backing makes it suitable for hotel entrances with higher footfall. This premium-quality mat is super-absorbent, making it perfect for wet weather.

Note: Not all mats are suitable for carpeted floors. See our range of Door Mats for Carpet if your lobby doesn't have a tiled, wood or other smooth surface.

Outdoor hotel entrance mats

For the most effective solution to dirty, muddy feet, we recommend installing an outdoor mat that extracts the worst of the dirt and snow from shoe soles before it gets a chance to enter the building. 

For example, First Mats' DoorGuard Large Outdoor Mat offers a robust rubber honeycomb construction with excellent crush and soil resistance. Suitable for all weather conditions, this practical, stylish mat optimises the cleanliness of your hotel lobby in all weathers. 

Recommended for high-traffic entrances, the moulded bevelled edges accommodate excellent wheelchair access while helping prevent trips. 

Fire Resistant Hotel Entrance Mats

Hotel entrance mats must keep your customers safe at all times, which is why we stock a range of plush fire-resistant hotel door mats.

For example, our Dura-Plush mat is fire retardant to Cfl-S1, with an anti-slip backing that ensures that it stays in place even in high-traffic entrances. Dura-Plush is also resistant to UV light, so it won't discolour from exposure to direct sunlight — perfect for seaside hotels and holiday resorts. 

Easy clean hotel door mats

Hotel entrance mats experience a lot of footfall, so it's only natural that they gather dirt quickly, especially in poor weather.

Luckily, our hotel door mats are easy to clean — simply vacuum the mat's surface once the water has dried, and the dirt and debris will quickly lift - returning your mat to its pristine condition. 

Additionally, many of the hotel entrance mats in our range are machine washable, while more extensive barrier matting can be cleaned with a commercial carpet cleaner if needed. 

Hotel Door Mats — Quality First (Every Time)

Our hotel entrance mats are sourced from ISO-accredited manufacturers ensuring premium-quality products every time. Every mat we sell has been extensively stress-tested, so we're confident that our products are of the highest quality. 

Quality always comes first. And from quality comes safety, product longevity, and value for money. 

Do you have questions?

With so many choices, selecting the most appropriate hotel doormat for your entrances and doorways can be challenging. 

Get in touch and tell us about your requirements, and we'll come up with a range of high-quality options that will complement your hotel's colour scheme while keeping your floors and doorways safe and clean all day.

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