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Machine Moving Skates & Jacks

When you need to move heavy machinery, make sure you're using our Machine Moving Skates and Hydraulic Jacks. Specifically designed to withstand the very heavy loads of a valuable factory machine, Machine Moving Skates and Jacks are essential for this task. With weight ranges from 1 to 24 tonnes, we offer Machine Moving Skates and Jacks to cover most requirements. - Click to learn more about Machine Moving Skates & Jacks

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Explore Our Range of Moving Skates & Jacks

Regarding relocating heavy machinery, our range of Machine Moving Skates and Moving Jacks is second to none. Designed to facilitate the smooth and safe transportation of heavy equipment, these products are a must-have for businesses across various sectors. Whether you're in manufacturing, construction, or logistics, our moving skates and jacks can significantly enhance your operational efficiency.

Our moving skates are engineered for maximum durability and load-bearing capacity, ensuring they can handle the weight of even the most substantial machinery. They are easy to manoeuvre, reducing the risk of damage to your equipment and ensuring the safety of your staff. Similarly, our moving jacks are designed for user safety and convenience. They offer excellent lifting power and stability, making them an essential tool for heavy lifting tasks.

Investing in our Machine Moving Skates and Moving Jacks can help your business streamline its operations, improve safety standards, and boost productivity. Explore our range today and discover the difference high-quality equipment can make to your business.

Understanding Machine Moving Skates and Jacks

Machine Moving Skates and Jacks are essential lifting equipment for transporting heavy machinery in commercial settings. Machine Moving Skates, equipped with a flat base and multiple roller wheels, can handle machines weighing several tonnes. Jacks, often powered hydraulically, lift heavy loads onto skates or raise equipment for repair. Both of these devices contribute to safer and more controlled operations, meeting legal health and safety obligations under LOLER and PUWER Regulations.

Choosing the Right Machine Moving Skates and Jacks

At First Mats, we offer a wide range of Machine Moving Skates and Jacks to suit your needs. Our Machine Moving Skates range from simple Rolling Crowbars to adjustable pairs and complete sets, capable of handling loads up to 24 tonnes. Our hydraulic Jacks, available in standard, toe and rotational variants, can lift loads ranging from 5 to 25 tonnes. Each product lists its total load capacity, ensuring you choose the safest equipment.

Things to Consider

  • Quality and Durability: When purchasing moving skates and jacks, it is crucial to consider the quality and durability of the products. Look for reputable brands or manufacturers known for producing reliable and long-lasting equipment.
  • Weight Capacity: Assess the weight capacity of the moving skates and jacks to ensure they can handle the specific loads you intend to move. Choosing equipment that can safely support the weight you need to transport is essential.
  • Manoeuvrability: Consider the ease of Manoeuvrability offered by the moving skates and jacks. Look for swivel casters, adjustable handles, and smooth-rolling wheels that enable smooth movement and precise positioning.
  • Safety Features: prioritise safety features when purchasing these items. Look for features like non-slip surfaces, locking mechanisms, and sturdy construction to minimise the risk of accidents or equipment failure during use.
  • Compatibility: Ensure that the moving skates and jacks are compatible with your existing equipment or machinery. Check the dimensions, attachment options, and weight distribution to ensure a proper fit and safe operation.
  • Ergonomics: Consider the ergonomics of the moving skates and jacks, especially if they will be used frequently or for extended periods. Look for features like padded handles, adjustable heights, and ergonomic designs that reduce strain and fatigue on the user.
  • Versatility: Evaluate the versatility of the moving skates and jacks. Look for equipment that can be used in various applications or environments, allowing you to maximise their utility and potentially save costs in the long run.
  • Maintenance Requirements: Consider the maintenance requirements of the moving skates and jacks. Look for equipment that is easy to clean, requires minimal upkeep, and has readily available spare parts to ensure longevity and minimise downtime.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are moving skates?

Moving skates are essential for anyone moving heavy loads. They are designed to make moving heavy objects much easier and more efficient. Moving skates are typically made of durable materials such as steel, and they come in various sizes and weight capacities to accommodate different loads.

These skates have wheels or rollers that allow smooth movement, even when dealing with heavy loads. They are commonly used in construction, manufacturing, and logistics, where the transportation of heavy equipment or machinery is a regular requirement. Moving skates are designed to distribute the weight of the load evenly, reducing the risk of damage to the floor or the load itself.

In summary, moving skates are a valuable tool for anyone needing to move heavy loads safely and efficiently. They are designed to make the process easier and more manageable, ensuring your moving tasks are easily completed.

How do you use moving skates?

Moving skates are handy tools for moving heavy loads with ease and efficiency. To use moving skates, start by ensuring that the surface you are working on is clean and free from any obstacles. Then, place the skates under the load, ensuring they are evenly distributed and aligned with their centre of gravity.

Next, engage the brakes on the skates to prevent unwanted movement. Once everything is secure, you can start moving the load by pushing or pulling it in the desired direction. Maintaining a steady and controlled pace is important to ensure safety and prevent any damage to the load or surroundings.

Always follow the manufacturer's instructions and guidelines for the specific type of moving skates you use. By using moving skates correctly, you can significantly reduce the effort and strain involved in moving heavy objects, making it a much more efficient and hassle-free process.

What weight can moving skates hold?

Moving skates are designed to handle heavy loads with ease. The weight capacity of moving skates can vary depending on the specific model and type. However, moving skates can typically hold loads ranging from a few hundred kilograms to several tonnes. Choosing the right moving skates that match the weight of the load you intend to move is important. By selecting the appropriate moving skates, you can ensure safe and efficient transportation of heavy items, making your moving process a breeze.

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