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Machine Moving Skates & Jacks

When you need to move heavy machinery, make sure you're using our Machine Moving Skates and Hydraulic Jacks. Specifically designed to withstand the very heavy loads of a valuable factory machine, Machine Moving Skates and Jacks are an essential equipment for this task. With weight ranges from 1 to 24 tonnes, we offer Machine Moving Skates and Jacks to cover most machinery weights.

Machine Moving Skates & Jacks - More Information

Machine Moving Skates

What are Machine Moving Skates & Jacks?

Machine Moving Skates are a type of load moving equipment for use with very large or heavy objects and they’re ideal for use with machines weighing several tonnes. Typically, they have a flat base and multiple roller wheels or castors, which work best on smooth and level floors.

Because the weight of the load being moved is so great, there is no need for restraining straps or sides; instead, the object is held in place by gravity. The load can  be moved with and without a handle.

A Jack is a mechanical lifting device, often powered hydraulically, used to raise loads onto skates or to raise equipment so that it can be repaired. They can also be used to move machinery to another part of the workplace and to install new heavy pieces of equipment / machinery.

Both types of lifting equipment are used across many commercial settings including factories, warehouses, workshops and freight terminals, where heavy loads are lifted and moved regularly.

What are the benefits of Machine Moving Skates & Jacks?

Transporting heavy machinery weighing several tonnes is a potentially hazardous task, with the added risk of the machinery being damaged during transit.

  • By using a Machine Moving Skate or Jack that is designed for the weight of the machine, lifting and moving these heavy items becomes a controlled and safe operation.
  • Constructed to be extremely hard-wearing and to withstand frequent use over many years, Machine Moving Skates and Jacks are a vital piece of lifting equipment for factories, workshops and industrial workplaces.
  • They also allow employers to meet their legal health and safety obligations under LOLER Regulations governing lifting equipment and PUWER Regulations covering work equipment generally.

What Machine Moving Skates & Jacks are available in the First Mats range?

We have a wide range of options for you to choose from, so that you can find a Machine Moving Skate or Jack to suit your needs. 

Machine Moving Skates:

We have many different types of Moving Skates, from the simple Machine Moving Rolling Crowbar and Steel Rolling Corners to the Adjustable Machine Moving Skate Pairs. These have connecting rods so they can be adjusted to suit machinery of different shapes and sizes, making them a highly versatile option. Use with loads up to 24 tonnes.

Our Steerable Machine Moving Skate has a handle and turntable that allows the load to be steered safely on rollers with complete control.

And our Complete Machine Moving Skate Set provides everything needed to move heavy machinery up to 24 tonnes, and steer it with precision. Often known as a three point loading system, each set comprises:

  • One Steerable Machine Moving Skate with handle, for safe and controlled steering from the front
  • Two Adjustable Machine Moving Skate Pairs providing stability and taking the load at the rear 

In all cases, we list the total load capacity so that you can choose the safest piece of equipment for the task. Typically, the Skates designed for the heaviest loads have steel, rather than nylon, rollers and are constructed to handle the extra weight.


Our hydraulic Jacks are available in three options, each with different total lifting capabilities:

  • Standard Machinery Hydraulic Jack (6 to 12 tonnes)
  • Hydraulic Toe Jack (5 to 10 tonnes)
  • Rotational Hydraulic Toe Jack (5 to 25 tonnes). This has an added advantage as it can be pumped in any position, even upside down 

Why buy Machine Moving Skates and Jacks from First Mats?

We are a trusted supplier of high-quality industrial and commercial equipment, and we understand our customers’ need for safe and reliable products. We take great pride in our excellent Trustpilot rating of 4.8/5.

If you have any questions about our Machine Moving Skates and Jacks or any other product shown on our website, get in touch with our friendly and knowledgeable team who will be happy to help.