Individual Machine Moving Skates 1000kg (4606918656035)

Individual Machine Moving Skates

Move heavy machinery up to 6,000kg with these strong British made Individual Machine Moving Skates. Huge loads can be moved without strain: simply lift the load using either a roller crowbar or a hydraulic jack onto the platform, then use the attached handle to manoeuvre the load on the skate's rollers.

The platforms of the skates are covered with a rubber surface, to keep the load stable and prevent slippage during transit. The rubber surface also protects the load.

  • Moves on sturdy nylon rollers designed for extremely heavy loads
  • Very easy to use and maintain, with minimal training needed before use 
  • Compact design for easy storage when not in use

The Individual Machine Moving Skates are available with five load capacities, from 1,000kg to 6,000kg, allowing you to choose the one that best suits your requirements. Delivery is free in mainland UK, within 5 days.


1,000kg capacity

  • Rollers: 100mm diameter x 35mm
  • Skate height: 120mm
  • Number of rollers: 4

2,000kg capacity

  • Rollers: 100mm diameter x 35mm
  • Skate height: 120mm
  • Number of rollers: 8

2,5000kg capacity

  • Rollers: 85mm diameter x 90mm
  • Skate height: 105mm
  • Number of rollers: 2

3,000kg capacity

  • Rollers: 85mm diameter x 85mm
  • Skate height: 120mm
  • Number of rollers: 4

6,000kg capacity

  • Rollers: 85mm diameter x 90mm
  • Skate height: 105mm
  • Number of rollers: 6

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