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First Mats offer the largest collection of premium rubber playground mats at affordable prices. All of our exterior rubber mats are extremely reliable and hard wearing, giving you the best value for your money. We will work tirelessly to give you the best customer experience and to deliver your mat when you require it.   


The team at First Mats can help you with everything you need to find the right playground flooring, our advice is second to none in the industry.


All of our mats meet or exceed the latest industry guidelines and UK Health and Safety legislation.


All of our mats have been tested for their Critical Fall Height (against BS EN1177-1998) with ranges from 0.6m through to 1.8m. Link to mats *** 


Not all playground mats are the same. The team at First Mats help you to take the right steps towards finding the correct matting for your school and other playground areas. 


Many of First Mats outdoor play mats are made from natural rubber which means they are both sturdy and hard wearing. Natural rubber also has some resistance to chemicals and oils. Most of our rubber mats for playgrounds conform to the Slip Resistance Test EN 13552 Category R10.


The rubber tiles are impact absorbing which helps to keep your children protected. 


Our playground surfaces are suitable for indoor and outdoor environments. There is a variety of surface finishes that we offer such as smooth, honeycomb and mats that allow grass to grow through them.  


The playground rubber flooring we offer is extremely easy to install as they are loose lay mats.


Many are simple to wash, such as washing with a hose or even in a commercial dishwasher, like the....  


Some of our rubber playground surface consist of outdoor rubber tiles, with many of them being interlocking. This is helpful making playground tiles easy to arrange and remove. 


Open holed playground rubber mats have excellent drainage for wet conditions, keeping your children safer. Because of their drainage qualities the holes on these rubber playground mats have anti-slip qualities, this creates a playground with reduced danger of slipping over.  


As mentioned, Rubber playground tiles and mats are usually open holed which, dependant on which area you are covering, can allow grass to grow through them, giving them a natural look and feel This particular type of rubber mat for playgrounds is highly durable and provides high levels of erosion control which is great for where there is lots of foot traffic causing bare patches. They are also very easily maintained as grass can be cut through a mower when the playground floor is established. 


We sell connectors to link with certain mats for larger areas that need to be covered.


We also offer a playground safety mat that is the best in regards to flammability safetygroundsafe mat which has been tested to BS 7188:1998 Method 7. 


First Mats provides all product-testing information about the different types of school mats and playground mats. From playground mats for your school to swarf mats for industry, all of our products are dispatched between one and three days, with free delivery on orders over £50 - please contact us if you require a quote on Next Day Delivery.


Our aim is to give you a superb experience that will prove us to be Your Trusted Mat Supplier.  The team will be pleased to guide you through the wide variety of quality, tried-and-tested playground mats in our store, and will help you get the best value for money. If you require any help or advice, please contact us.

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