PlayProtect Honeycomb Playground Safety Mats

  • Want anti-slip outdoor safety matting for children?
  • Looking for a sturdy playground mat that offers a long-term solution?
  • Need a honeycomb mat where grass can still grow through?

Introducing the PlayProtect

The PlayProtect matting is a rubber playground mat in a honeycomb design that can be used in playgrounds and other outdoor play areas.

We all know how accident-prone children can be and therefore how important safety mats are when children are playing. The rubber playground matting should be used to protect children from slips and trips and to help cushion falls.

Made from natural rubber, it is sturdy and long-lasting to give you the best value for your money.

Mat Safety Testing

Our matting is tested to a Critical Fall Height of 1.0m in accordance with BS EN 1177-1998.

A critical fall height is the maximum/biggest height of a fall from play equipment to the ground. The Critical Fall Height will determine how thick the safety matting needs to be to make sure it absorbs the impact and reduces injury.


The honeycomb playground safety mats contain open holes which allows grass to grow through, making them ideal for external usage. The holes also provide superb drainage which helps to prevent standing water on the play area, which can lead to slips and trips.

The playground safety mats are UV resistant which means they will not discolour or fade. They also conforms to the Slip Resistance Test EN 13552 Category R10.

Our playground safety matting has optional connectors available for you to be able to cover larger outdoor areas.


  • Height: 23mm
  • Location: Suitable for indoor and outdoor environments
  • Installation: Loose Lay and therefore easy to install
  • Cleaning: It is very easy to wash with a wet/dry vacuum or a hose

(Please check the Data Sheet tab for more info)

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