Safety Lockout Equipment

Our range of Safety Lockout Equipment includes Padlocks, Lockout Hasps and Tags for the safety and security of your workforce. All of our Safety Lockout products are offered with free UK mainland delivery, with delivery in just a few working days.

Safety Lockout Equipment - More Information

Safety Lockout Padlocks

If you're working on-site and involved in a crucial aspect of installation maintenance - such as setting up new switchgear within the infrastructure - it's entirely feasible that you might not be working on your own. Although you're not working side by side with another professional tradesperson, many other individuals could well be responsible for different elements, in terms of the bigger picture.

Therefore it's hugely important that you highlight both when and where you've been working previously up to that point. Similar to creating a visible diary entry, it's often your responsibility to clearly document the juncture which you're up to before you left the job for the day, etc.

Which is precisely the point at which safety lockout equipment comes in extremely handy. Both in terms of safety lockout padlocks and safety lockout hasps and tags.

How Do First Mats' Lockout Hasps and Tags Work?

Hasps are typically attached to the primary isolator then, as each individual professional completes each stage of their particular job, they secure their own customised safety lockout padlock to the hasps. This process continues as and when additional trades-persons contribute to certain aspects of the broader maintenance programme/installation refit; systematically attaching their own personal padlock to the hasp and marking off their details as they go. This ensures all parties have a thorough understanding and general awareness of the overall state of play at various junctures.

With safety being the paramount concern and underpinning of the role of lockout hasps and tags, when trades-persons follow lockout/tagout safe isolation practices, the machinery (or energy source) cannot be physically restored until such time as the last professional has successfully signed off their task, retreated from the potential hazardous situation and most importantly; removed the last remaining personal padlock in the sequence of events.

What Products Are Incorporated Under Safety Lockout Equipment?

Two predominant products are included under the umbrella of safety lockout equipment. And they are the above mentioned safety lockout padlocks and safety lockout hasps and tags. They effectively compliment each other and are normally teamed together in certain working environments.

By and large this is the case when a number of professional tradespersons are employed on the same contract, yet might complete their individual jobs at different times. It's in these common instances where safety lockout hasps and tags - in unison with safety lockout padlocks - become an invaluable means of alerting other professional tradespersons as to the general state of play prior to them embarking on their next phase in the overall process.

It's about accountability as much as it's about health and safety and being mindful to the well-being protocols of fellow workers deployed on the same job. Albeit potentially working to alternate timelines.

What Are Lockout Hasps and Tags and What Are They Used For?

First Mats' lockout hasps and tags are integral to the adherence of health and safety measures in a number of industrial and commercial fields, and offer peace of mind for maintenance engineers and many other professional trades-persons.

Our lockout hasps and tags are used in tandem with a raft of closely associated safety products, also found in our current range. More specifically, professional trades-persons across most of the primary disciplines look to our lockout hasps and tags in collaboration with safety lockout padlocks.

Pairing Lockout Hasps and Tags with Safety Lockout Padlocks

Basically a multi-lock (lockout/tagout) item forms a core part of an electrician's tool kit, as they exist to help professional trade-persons isolate machinery, equipment and general switch gear, together with the physical presence of a safety lockout padlock.

The lockout hasp acts as a clear and present means of both personal identification and flagging up the stage of the process at which the individual employee/contractor is at in terms of the remit of their particular role on-site. A safety lockout padlock is the device which secures that phase.

The whole premise of lockout hasps and tags (used in conjunction with the aforementioned safety lockout padlocks) are to enable individuals to protect themselves - and their work colleagues - from unforeseen installation start-ups and/or electrical circuits, while they are in the midst of performing routine cleaning work or maintenance.

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