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Best Sellers in Construction Site Matting

Construction sites are dangerous places. There are many potential hazards, from heavy machinery to falling debris. That's why it's important to have the right floor matting in place. Construction site matting provides a safe surface for workers to walk on. It helps to prevent slips, trips and falls and can also reduce the risk of injury if something does happen to fall on the ground. Construction site matting is available in various materials, from rubber to PVC. Choosing the right matting for the job is important, as some materials are better suited to specific applications. Choosing the right construction site matting can help create a safe working environment for your employees.

Rubber Matting for Construction Sites

Rubber matting is an essential health and safety measure on construction sites. It helps to keep the site clean and tidy and prevent accidents by providing a slip-resistant surface. Many rubber matting products are available, each designed for a specific purpose. Rubber swarf mats contain hundreds of holes, allowing water to drain through while scraping dirt away from boots. The DrainAway utility mats can be ordered in lengths of 5 and 10 metres, making them ideal as walkway mats. In addition, the mats help reduce muscle strain and improve comfort levels for employees working on their feet all day.

PVC Matting for Construction Sites

PVC Matting provides construction site operators more choice compared to rubber. One of the big downsides to rubber is that they are almost always black. On the other hand, the PVC mats can be ordered in red or high-visibility yellow. The Spaghetti Site Mats are made from interwoven PVC strands that create a soft but durable surface to walk on while allowing water to drain through the gaps. Another good walkway option is the SafePath, thanks to its high visibility yellow finish and the checker plate surface. Finally, PVC duckboard matting may normally be associated with swimming pools but can also be a great choice for construction sites. Good quality PVC duckboard is strong enough for demanding environments, raising workers off the ground to keep them safe when working on wet floor areas.

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