ESD Workbench and Accessories Kit B

Looking for the versatility of a quality workbench with a wide variety of underslung storage while still offering unparalleled protection against electrostatic discharge? Look no further: our ESD Workbench and Accessories Kit B has everything you need to kit out your workshop for the safe and effective assembly, maintenance, and serving of electronic components sensitive to electrostatic discharge.

Our cantilever-style workbenches feature a 20mm thick Lamstat laminated electrostatic dismissal worktop and connected wrist strap for earthing workers and protecting electronics from inadvertent harm during maintenance or assembly, offering comfort and serviceability.

Dimensions and Features:

  • 20mm Lamstat laminated worktop
  • integrated wrist strap and earthing cord
  • one three-drawer unit and one single storage cupboard
  • 250kg working load
  • standard 75cm height
  • 3 worktop dimensions: 84cm x 120cm, 84cm x 150cm, and 84cm x 180cm

But what makes this workbench stand apart even further? Its bevy of fully-kitted out storage solutions offers space for tools, materials, supplies, and anything else a worker needs during a busy shift. Made from durable, strong powder-coated steel in an attractive light grey color, and featuring adjustable feet for keeping your worktop level, this workbench ships in knock-down form for ease of assembly.

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