ESD Workbench and Accessories Kit A

This Cantilever ESD Anti Static Workbench and Accessories Kit provides the ultimate in accessorised static dissipative workstations. When youre faced with the challenges of electronic assembly, disassembly, maintenance, or repair, you want a workbench thats not just durable, safe, and adjustable, but one that provides additional value through added storage capacity and versatility.

Featuring a static dissipative laminated worktop and accompanying attached wrist strap for earthing, this workbench also comes with a single drawer unit and a single storage cupboard, both with blue fronts.

Dimensions and Features:

  • 20mm Lamstat laminated worktop
  • integrated wrist strap and earthing cord
  • single drawer unit and single storage cupboard
  • 250kg working load
  • standard 75cm height
  • 3 worktop dimensions: 84cm x 120cm, 84cm x 150cm, and 84cm x 180cm

Other benefits of this ESD Workbench include level-adjustable feet for stability, a cantilever construction that offers superior legroom to users even with its additional drawer unit and storage cupboard, and easy on-site self-assembly as they are delivered in knock-down form.

Perfect for any industry where safety and security in the face of possible electrostatic discharge, these Lamstat-laminated workbenches are ideal for workshops that know the damage that sensitive electronic components can sustain when not provided the proper level of protection.


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