Cantilever ESD Workbench with Durable Lamstat Worktop

Our Cantilever ESD Anti Static Workbench with Durable Lamstat ESD Worktop provides protection from electrostatic discharge for workplaces that need that extra layer of safety when handling and working with delicate electronics components.

A perfect choice for any company that specialises in the assembly of electronics, these workshop benches come equipped with an attached earthing wrist strap which can be used to ground the user and prevents any built-up static being discharged into electrical components.

Dimensions and Features:

  • 20mm Lamstat laminated ESD worktop
  • Integrated wrist strap and earthing cord
  • 250kg working load
  • 2 height choices: 75cm or 90cm
  • 3 worktop dimensions: 84cm x 120cm, 84cm x 150cm, and 84cm x 180cm

Whether you're working to assemble electronics or you're repairing or servicing electrical devices, this ESD workbench is sturdy and comfortable to use, thanks to its heavy-duty cantilever construction.

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