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Premises Products

Keep your facility running smoothly with our range of Premises Products. Whether it's entrance mats, bicycle parking, office items or waste management, there's a wide selection to choose from.

Premises Products - More Information

Premier green bicycle shelter

The items in our Premises Products Collection are designed to improve the overall experience that visitors, staff and customers have when on your site.

Matting products

Our matting options are a simple and effective way of providing a safe, comfortable and stylish surface to walk on.

  • Entrance mats are a great choice for high traffic entryways, allowing people to wipe their feet and thus keep the rest of your site relatively clean and dry, reducing slip hazards. These mats can be the small type you might find in a home, all the way through to the larger Mat-Well types.
  • Wet room mats are a necessity poolside and in changing rooms, ensuring that even in these wet and damp areas the flooring can be relied on to provide a stable surface with greatly reduced slip risks.
  • Anti-slip GRP matting can be secured to stair treads and nosing or in broader expanses for walkways and corridors. It provides a weather-resistant, high-grip surface, designed to allow slip-free movement for personnel.

Waste and recycling

Whatever the size of your site or the number of staff you have, you’ll need a waste bin. These can be found in a variety of shapes and sizes, from the small, under-desk waste paper basket through to the larger wheelie bin. Implementing a range of colour-coded, clearly labelled recycling bins allows you to encourage good environmentally conscious behaviours in your staff and makes it easier to sort the waste for disposal.

Cycle parking

Installing and maintaining an area where staff and visitors can secure their cycles is a fantastic way of providing an alternative to driving. Whether you use a basic rack or a full shelter you can keep the premises neat and unobstructed (as opposed to having cycles parked untidily up against lamp posts, for example) and give peace of mind to cyclists that their bikes are safe from theft and damage.

In the office

Whiteboards and notice boards provide a cost-effective way of sharing information —whether in training rooms or more public spaces. You can find options here that are mobile to allow for easy storage as well as larger wall-mounted boards that can display a lot more information.

Staff only area

If you require a uniform to be worn or need staff to store away their personal belongings while on shift, then you need to look at lockers and changing room benches. These ranges include variants to suit all requirements, from super-sleek executive style lockers to basic wall-mounted benches.

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