Equine Rubber Stable Matting

  • Do you want safe and cost-effective stable matting?
  • Looking for a non-porous horse mats?
  • Like to reduce the amount of bedding required?

Introducing the Equine Rubber Stable Matting

The Equine Stable Mats are a premium quality mat made from natural rubber. This means it not only has some resistance to chemicals and oils but the mat also provides cushioning for the comfort and safety of your horses.

Our Rubber Stable Matting gives extra insulation and warmth against cold, wet and hard floors.

Stable Matting Benefits

The biggest advantage of using rubber stable mats for your horses is that less bedding is required which saves you a huge amount of money, time and produces less waste, this easily pays back the cost of the mats and more.

Effective drainage thanks to the non-porous construction and grooved underside design, helping to reduce slip hazards and odours. Rubber Stable Matting is extremely easy to clean with only a pressure hose and animal-disinfectant if needed. This horse matting is suitable for other livestock as well as horses.

Equine Stable Matting Specifications

  • Height: 12mm or 17mm
  • Location: Suitable for indoor and outdoor environments
  • Installation: Loose lay mat which is easy to install
  • Cleaning: Pressure Hose and Animal Disinfectant

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