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Restaurant Mats

Restaurant entrance mats help protect the floors... Restaurant entrance mats help protect the floors from water and debris being tracked into the dining areas. In addition, commercial kitchen mats can help improve safety in the kitchen by providing a non-slip surface that can help to prevent slips... ˅

More information about Restaurant Mats

Restaurants are busy places, full of diners and front-of-house staff. So, pleasing aesthetics are essential, projecting cleanliness, efficiency, hygiene, and safety.

Front-of-house restaurant matting should minimise moisture, mud, and debris from diners' shoes while reinforcing the house style.

However, back-of-house, things are very different. Kitchens and storerooms can be slippery, hazardous environments, demanding superior commercial kitchen floor mats that are grease- and oil-resistant and easily cleaned.

Chefs and kitchen porters engage in long shifts in high-pressure environments, requiring safe and easy-clean anti-fatigue matting that helps maintain focus, accuracy, and efficiency.

Things to Consider when Buying Restaurant Mats

The best restaurant door mats blend in with your interior décor, while keeping floor surfaces clean and scratch-free. Back-of-house mats need to be robust, safe, and easy to clean.

So, you'll need different mats around the building to maintain your aesthetics and the safety of your diners and staff.

Outdoor Mats for Restaurants

If your restaurant opens directly into the street, you'll need a robust outdoor mat that removes the mud, snow, and stones from shoes before they enter the building. Then, your indoor mat removes the water and moisture, helping protect your floor surfaces from mud and slip hazards.

You might not need an outdoor mat if your restaurant is in a shopping mall, but you might want a Logo Mat to welcome diners and increase your brand's visibility outside your establishment.

Indoor Mats for Restaurants

Wet floors cause slip-and-trip accidents, which can cost a business dearly in potential litigation. So, all restaurants need indoor mats to ensure that any moisture is removed from shoes before they make contact with your flooring.

Many restaurants favour hard flooring because tiles are easier to keep clean than carpets, mitigating the damage from spillages. So you'll want to ensure that customer shoes are free of grit or stones that can scratch your floors.

Indoor mats scrape off mud and some of the debris stuck in shoe grips, but for extra safety, complement your indoor mat with an outdoor mat — that way, you have double the protection.

Select a mat that handles high levels of foot traffic, such as our super-absorbent AquaProtect. The waffle Decalon fibres absorb up to 6 litres of water per square metre, ensuring your floors remain bone dry. And for that extra touch of style, choose a branded Logo Mat to welcome diners while reinforcing your brand identity.

Commercial kitchen floor matting (kitchen floors)

Kitchen floors must always stay dry and clean to maintain excellent hygiene standards while offering anti-fatigue protection for kitchen staff. 

Of course, kitchens are high-pressure environments where time is of the essence, and spillages impact front-of-house service. So, choose a rubber swarf catch mat or a Nitrile KrossMat to mitigate the delays of minor spillages by drawing liquid and debris away from the mat's surface. 

Easily removable for cleaning, rubber swarf matting and nitrile rubber kitchen mats offer anti-fatigue foot cushioning and high grease- and oil resistance, providing long-term reliability.

Commercial kitchen floor matting (wash areas and storerooms)

In wash areas and storerooms, our CaterStep anti-fatigue matting offers excellent slip resistance and ultimate comfort for kitchen staff. 

Why buy Restaurant matting from First Mats

We take genuine pride in our products and the great relationships we nurture with our valued clients. Our Trustpilot rating affirms our exemplary service, with commendations from hundreds of genuine customers who praise our professionalism, dedication to excellent service, and passionate aftercare.

Our customers come first. So we'd love to help you select the ideal restaurant matting to enhance the safety and aesthetics of your restaurant. 

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