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First Mats Supplies Flyball Matting to the Clyde Warriors Flyball Team

The Clyde Warriors Flyball team is a competitive flyball team based in Lanark, Scotland. Flyball is a dog sport in which teams of dogs race against each other over a course of hurdles, with a flyball box at the end. The objective is for the dogs to retrieve a ball from the box and then race back over the hurdles to the finish line.

The team was experiencing difficulties with their previous matting, which was causing problems for the dogs as they tried to navigate the course. The matting was slippery and didn't provide enough traction, causing the dogs to struggle to get a good start on the chutes and boxes. This was resulting in slower times and made it difficult for the team to compete at the highest level.

The Clyde Warriors Flyball team decided to try out the First Mats Flyball matting, which is specifically designed for flyball courses. The matting is made from a high-quality, non-slip rubber that provides excellent traction for the dogs. It is also durable and easy to maintain, making it a perfect solution for the demanding flyball course.

 After switching to the First Mats Flyball matting, the team saw a significant improvement in their performance. The dogs were able to get a much better start on the chutes and boxes, and they were able to complete the course faster and with more control. The team's handlers were also pleased with the matting, as it made it easier for them to guide the dogs through the course.

Rachel, the Team Captain of the Clyde Warriors, had this to say about the First Mats Flyball matting: "The matting is absolutely fabulous! The dogs love it as do the rest of the team. What a difference it makes to their turns on the chutes and boxes, with the First Mats Flyball matting down they are able to get away much quicker back to their handlers."

The First Mats Flyball matting proved to be an excellent solution for the team. The high-quality, non-slip rubber provided excellent traction for the dogs, resulting in improved performance and faster times. The durability and ease of maintenance of the matting also made it a practical choice.

Overall, the First Mats Flyball matting was a great success.