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Folding Sack Trucks

Folding Sack trucks combine a great tool for moving goods around the workplace with convenient storage. Unlike standard sack trucks which have welded joints, Foldable Sack Trucks use clever designs to minimise the space they occupy, making them ideal for use in offices or to be transported in a car.

Folding Sack Trucks - More Information

folding sack truck in use

What is a Folding Sack Truck?

Let us take the strain with a folding sack truck. They are durable yet lightweight, allowing you to transport even heavy items around your workplace with ease. As well as being fully mobile and easy to manoeuvre, they also fold into a compact, easy-to-store model, helping to conserve storage space.

Here at First Mats, we have Folding Sack Trucks in a range of sizes and uses, with capacities ranging from 35g to 250kg, sack trucks with box storage, and even folding sack trucks with step ladders. With our diverse range, we're sure to have the right Folding Sack Trucks to suit your needs. 

What are the benefits of using a Folding Sack Truck?

The folding design of these sack trucks makes them incredibly easy to transport, as they fold into compact and manageable sizes. Their lightweight design makes them effortless to carry and transport whilst folded. A folding sack truck can be stored in small spaces, or left in the boot of a vehicle for convenience. These folding sack trucks also make manual handling easier and safer, allowing users to scoop up heavy loads such as boxes and move them effortlessly. This greatly reduces the risk of injury, as our folding sack trucks and trolleys are designed to prevent injury and comply with health and safety legislation.

Who are Folding Sack Trucks suitable for?

These Folding Sack Trucks can be used in a variety of environments and allow for easy transportation across warehouses, shop floors, workshops, and factories. Although use in these areas is commonplace, our folding sack trucks and trolleys can also be used in schools, colleges, universities, retail stores, offices, healthcare centres, and many other commercial and industrial environments. Residential use is also possible, especially during housing renovations. The folding feature is especially useful in these environments as it makes storage easier, allowing for maximum space conservation.

How is a Foldable Sack Truck used?

These folding sack trucks are simple and straightforward to use and require no special training. Simply scoop the load onto the flat base of the truck and pull the handles back onto the wheels to lift the load off from the ground. The folding feature is also incredibly simple, with the flat base and upper handles folding vertically to create a flat and compact model. 

Which Folding Sack Truck Models are in the First Mats range? 

We have our Toptruck Telescopic Folding Sack Truck range available in a choice of 100kg, 125kg and 200kg capacity. Made from durable aluminium, this range is incredibly lightweight without compromising on strength. These trucks are fully mobile on large rubber cushion wheels and fit easily into cars and vans. This range of trucks is incredibly versatile and is ideal for use in any environment - with three frame strength capacities available.

For small parts and items, why not go for our Folding Sack Truck with Box? This truck has a capacity of 35kg and folds completely flat for maximum storage space. The box features sidewalls to prevent items from falling out and is open-topped to allow for easy loading and unloading. This foldable sack truck is ideal for lighter loads or for use in offices or school environments. 

For environments with restricted space, we have our Super Compact Lightweight Sack Truck - ideal for domestic use or use in smaller work environments with regular stock intake, such as small retail outlets or pharmacies. The super-lightweight design weighs only 7kg for ease of use without compromising on durability, with a capacity of up to 90kg. Our Telescopic Folding Aluminium Sack Truck also has a 90kg capacity with a stylish lightweight design, which is another durable and versatile option for limited spaces. If you are searching for a smaller model, try our Mini Compact Folding Sack Truck for 60kg loads. 

For extremely heavy loads we have our Pro-Heavy Duty Aluminium Folding Sack Truck, designed to safely carry loads up to 270kg. It is highly durable and robust, sitting on two 200mm puncture-proof rubber wheels, allowing for ease and precision of movement. 

Save time with our Versatile Folding Step Ladder & Sack Truck. Its clever dual-purpose design and is capable of carrying up to 60kg as a sack truck or 150kg as a step ladder, then folding away into a compact unit for easy storage, allowing you to have two products in one for convenience. 

Please take a look at the full range of our Folding Sack Trucks, as we have a variety of styles and capacities available. 

Why should I buy Folding Sack Trucks from First Mats? 

Here at First Mats, we strive to provide the highest quality of products along with the best customer service. You can rest assured that you will receive the highest quality Folding Sack Trucks from us with unrivalled customer service, should you have any questions, queries or issues. You can see our excellent customer satisfaction rating from our Trustpilot reviews - with 4.9 stars out of 5, our rating is one of the best on the web. 

If you have any questions regarding a foldable sack truck or any other product on our website, please do not hesitate to contact our knowledgeable customer service team, who will be more than happy to help you.