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Gas Bottle Cages

Keep your Gas Bottles and Cylinders stored safely with our high-security Gas Bottle Cages. Made from Galvanised steel, these cages will keep your gas bottles secure - indoors or outdoors. Our gas bottle cages are available in small and large sizes, along with COSHH and Foldable versions. Order your new gas bottle cage online or get in touch with our team for help and advice.

Gas Bottle Cages - More Information

Gas Bottle Cage

Gas bottle cages are an essential piece of site safety equipment. These cages are used extensively by those that store, buy and sell gas to drastically reduce the risk of theft. Many businesses, spanning from catering to agriculture, that need to keep gas stored on-site, use gas bottle cages to provide easy and quick access when required.

These quality gas bottle cages are typically made from a reinforced and super strong galvanised steel material, both to ensure safety and to increase resistance to the elements and increase their usable lifespan. A gas bottle cage is also lockable and can be used to hang signs highlighting the types of Gas or other materials stored inside.

Why Use Gas Bottle Cages?

Not only are Gas Bottle Cages a great way to increase the security, preventing theft, but their use is also stipulated by governmental health and safety guidelines.

Gas bottle cages are required by law under the Health & Safety Executive on any site that allows access to the public. This means that the HSE actively inspect businesses that are storing gas and are set to increase these inspections in the coming years.

Using a quality gas bottle cage protects against theft as well as containing any risk of to the torpedo effect which is caused by a damaged regulator. It also protects those within the surrounding area in the unlikely and unfortunate event of an explosion caused by fire.

Ultimately, finding the right gas bottle cage for your needs gives you peace of mind that your gas bottles, employees, place of business and the general public are safe whatever may happen.

Choosing the Right Gas Bottle Cage

There are several reasons why you need to spend some time finding the best gas bottle cage for your needs. Not least, you need to make sure that your gas bottle cage meets all the requirements outlined in the guidelines supplied by the Health & Safety Executive.

When picking your gas bottle cage you will also want to ensure that it is big enough to meet all of your needs. For example, if you regularly have multiple bottles of gas on-site you will need to purchase a larger gas bottle cage to meet your needs.

As a general rule, work out the maximum number of gas bottles you will ever have on-site and fit a cage that will facilitate this number. Failure to find space for all your gas bottles increases the risk of them being stolen.

Also, consider exactly where and when you may need to use your gas bottle cage. For example, a caterer that works across many different sites may choose a foldable gas cage to make it easy to transport. If you only occasionally use gas and are strapped for space, a foldable cage may also be a good idea.

Why Buy Gas Bottle Cages From First Mats?

All of our gas bottle cages and are made from quality galvanised steel to keep your gas bottles safe and secure. Our range also offers options including small and large gas bottle cages, foldable and COSHH cages.

We pride ourselves on offering gas cages that meet the high standards of our customers. We pair this with an unbeatable level of customer service, which spans from helping you find the best gas bottle cage for your needs through to offering any help or advice required after the sale.

But don’t just take our word for it. We have a 4.9 out of 5 rating on Trustpilot, which shows just how seriously we take customer service. Get in touch today if you have any questions about our gas bottle cages or any of our other products and we will be happy to help.