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Social Distancing Products

Protect your staff and customers from the spread of germs with our extensive and innovative range of social distancing products. Our range includes social distancing mats, floor signs, screens and barriers, and floor marking tape to cover every environment and application. Ensure your business complies with social distancing regulations by using our social distancing mats, stickers and screens. With lots of companies currently preparing for reopening, it is important to make sure that you are ready with all the correct equipment to get straight back to business.

Social Distancing Products - More Information

Hygiene Social Distancing Mats

Our range of social distancing products is a selection of durable floor signs, mats, screens, and barriers that will ensure your company is ready to reopen and comply with social distancing regulations.

You can use the social distancing floor mats and signs to provide your customers and floor staff with safe distance warnings and instructions. The screens and workstation dividers will help to limit the spread of COVID-19 by creating a physical barrier between staff and customers. We also stock floor marking tape for marking out acceptable distances around your store or workplace.

The social distancing floor signs are all self-adhesive and are perfect for applying to floors to reinforce social distancing messages. These floor warning signs will stick firmly to any flat, dry and clean surface so they give you the flexibility to use them anywhere. They are slip-resistant and have vibrant eye-catching designs that are impossible to ignore. They are also extremely easy to install. All you need to do is make sure that the surface is clean and free from grease/dirt. Then peel the backing paper off and place the sign in position, applying pressure from the centre out to the edge to expel any air bubbles, and your floor warning sign will be permanently installed.

The safe social distancing mats are low profile slip-resistant mats that display clear and informative social distancing warnings, whilst also functioning as commercial entrance mats that will help to keep your floors clean and dry. You can use these at the entrance of your premises and then use the floor warning stickers elsewhere as reminders.


What are the benefits of social distancing products and which ones should I use?

The primary benefit of the warning signs is to improve compliance with government-mandated social distancing regulations in your workplace. The stickers and mats are emblazoned with specific messages related to coronavirus social distancing regulations, such as reminding customers to always keep at least 2m apart. You can help make sure your company abides by these COVID-19 rules by placing a selection of these signs around your premises.

Social Distancing Floor Mats

Our Social Distancing Mats are a professional and effective way to display messages to customers and visitors, reminding them of the importance of social distancing and good hygiene practices. The Social Distancing Mats range includes varying designs, such as our 2 metre long mats which help to highlight safe distances, ideal for use near checkouts in shops and trade counters.

We also provide smaller Social Distancing Mats with messages that remind people to maintain safe distances as they enter the building, as well as washing their hands, or directing them to hand sanitation points. Finally, for the more personal approach why not enquire about a Social Distancing Mat with your company brand on it?

The social distancing mats will work equally on carpets and hard floors and have a slip-resistant vinyl backing. These mats can also be moved around your premises easily so you don’t commit to their layout as you do with the floor stickers.

Social Distancing Floor Signs and Tape

For a simple and low-cost solution, consider our wide range of self-adhesive floor tapes and stickers. These are fantastic for marking out walkways or highlighting safe distances.

The stickers work brilliantly on hard and smooth floors but they won’t adhere well to carpets. In this case, the mats are a brilliant alternative.

The floor stickers come in a selection of striking designs that are great for spreading around your premises as reminders of the social distancing procedures. You can use the arrows to mark out customer routes around your store, ensuring that customers aren’t coming back on themselves and making contact with each other. The footprint logo stickers are ideal for use near tills / checkouts and can be used at 2m intervals to encourage appropriate queuing.


Reception Screens and Workstation Dividers

Our clear reception desk screens and roller shields are the ideal choices for reception desks, counters and for separating workers in warehouse and manufacturing environments. These screens and shields create a physical barrier that will limit exposure to coronavirus and will allow your staff to continue working as normal without the need to reconfigure your workplace. The workstation dividers are great for safely separating workers on production lines and in offices and come in solid and windowed variants.


Why buy Social Distancing Mats and Products from First Mats?

At First Mats, we match our quality products with an unbeatable level of service to make for the best experience on the market. Our range of social distancing products have been specially selected based on quality as well as affordability and can be sent with free UK delivery.

We pride ourselves on putting the customer first. In fact, we have a rating of 4.9 out of 5 on Trustpilot. If you have any questions about these items or any of our other products, please get in touch with our friendly and knowledgeable team.