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Hospital & Medical Mats

Hospital mats play an important role in maintaining hygienic and sterile environments. These mats help to reduce the risk of contamination by trapping dirt, dust, and other particles at the doorways of critical areas like operating rooms and labs. Also, our Hygienic Anti-Fatigue matting provides relief and support for staff who have to stand for long periods of time. - Click to learn more about Hospital & Medical Mats

More information about Hospital & Medical Mats

Hospitals and medical facilities need matting to maintain high hygiene, safety, and cleanliness standards at all times. Hospital mats are essential to keep floors slip-and-trip-free, while contamination control floor mats for hospitals help prevent the spread of dangerous bugs and viruses.

Hospital mats need to be:

  • Durable — to handle the continuous flow of traffic from staff and visitors
  • Easy to sanitise — using chemicals and disinfectants
  • Robust — providing a long lifespan despite heavy footfall and medical trolleys
  • Great value for money — helping our health service focus its funds on patients

Choosing the right mats for hospitals

When purchasing mats for your hospital or medical facility, it's essential to consider location and intended use.

Mats For Hospital Entrances

AquaProtect is a durable, rubber-backed indoor mat and one of our most popular products — favoured for its versatility in various settings. The rubber backing reduces slippage on floors, and the reinforced rubber edges make it more wheelchair friendly than many other mats. The super-absorbent waffle surface retains up to six litres of water per sqm, making it the perfect hospital entrance mat for all weathers.

Hospital mats for Cleanrooms & Contamination Control

Tacky mats are designed to remove fine particles from shoes, helping keep floors hygienic and clean. The peel-off layers create a sticky surface that traps even the finest dirt particles, offering cost-effective contamination control. Suitable for foot- and wheeled traffic.

Hospital mats for Operating Theatres

Our specially designed Hygienic Anti-Fatigue Mat has been developed to keep operating theatres slip-and-trip-free while helping surgeons and nurses remain sharp and alert for long periods.

High-temperature resistance makes this matting range suitable for hygienic steam cleaning.

Hospital mats for General Areas

Not everywhere in a hospital complex needs to be sterile. For these environments, choose foam- or rubber-based anti-fatigue mats.

Our selection of foam-based anti-fatigue mats improves comfort while standing for long durations. Our Rubber Swarf Mat includes drainage holes that capture dirt and mud, keeping floors slip-free and safe.

Hospital mats for sanitisation Areas

Hospitals can be challenging to navigate, so Safety Message floor mats guide staff and visitors towards entrances and fire exits.

Safety Message mats can also indicate hand washing and sterilisation points. All message mats are machine washable to help maintain cleanliness.

Why trust First Mats for your Hospital Mats and Contamination Control areas?

First Mats has worked tirelessly to develop excellent customer relationships, helping clients from many industrial sectors choose the perfect floor protection.

Our Trustpilot rating demonstrates our commitment to quality and service, with hundreds of enthusiastic client commendations praising our products' superiority and our attentive service.

We always put the customer first, so get in touch, and we'll gladly help you choose the most appropriate hospital mats and contamination control mats for your facility.

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