Studded Rubber Flooring Rolls (Black)

If you're looking for a flooring material that is durable and cost-effective, then our Studded Rubber Flooring is ideal. Made from natural rubber, our Studded Rubber Flooring provides fantastic grip making it ideal for walkways, corridors and workshops. The durable nature of the studded rubber flooring also makes it the right choice for high-traffic areas.

  • Natural Rubber Material
  • Operating range between -30degC to +70 degC
  • Standard roll size of 1.2m x 10m
  • Thickness options of 3mm or 4.5mm
  • Custom lengths available
  • Resistant to mild Acid and Alkalis

Studded Rubber Flooring Roll Sizes

Our Studded Rubber Flooring rolls are 1.2m wide x 10m long (4ft x 33ft) in a thickness of either 3mm or 4.5mm. At First Mats, you can also order a custom length piece, simply enter the cm length (minimum 50cm) in the size box and we'll cut it to size for you.

Fitting / Installation

The studded rubber flooring is supplied as a roll, which you can either loose lay onto a floor or bond with an adhesive for a permanent fitting.

Typical Applications

Our Studded Rubber Flooring is ideal for floor refurbishments or floors that need extra protection. It is popular in many commercial and industrial environments, but shouldn't be used in oily areas.

First Mats - Product Scores

Slip Resistance Slip Resistance - 2/3 The studded rubber flooring provides Very Good slip resistance. This is measured by ASTM C1028-89 & DIN-E-51130, 51097 which tests the force required to cause slippage of a load across the mat. The higher the rating the higher the slip resistance
Wear Resistance Wear Resistance - 3/3 The studded rubber flooring mat offers Excellent resistance to wear. This is measured by ASTM D3844-92 which subjects the mat to 5000 cycles under an abrasive wheel. The higher the rating the longer the life span of the mat.

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