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There are many ways of improving the office environment — whether in terms of aesthetics, comfort or safety. Our range of high-quality office products has been put together to ensure that your office is an inviting, productive and safety-conscious workspace.

Whiteboards and Flipcharts

Office Whiteboards and flipcharts are great office equipment for presenting ideas, collaborating on projects and supporting meetings. You can find these in many models, designed for both style and function. If you’re short on space or use rooms for different purposes, you might look at mobile units which easily roll in and out of storage for use anywhere you want.

Health and safety are just as important in the office as it is in the workshop. Protect your personnel (and your equipment) with floor cable protectors that reduce the likelihood of trip and fall injuries caused by power and data cables around the office. Don’t forget about safety signage — you need to make sure that anyone on-site can easily find first aid equipment, and fire extinguishers/alarms and know about any specific hazards around the office.

You can add a touch of class to your doors with signage. These are available in many styles for various purposes, including instructional signs (Push, Pull, Keep Clear, Keep Closed, etc.) and informative signs (Meeting Room, Staff Room, Store Room, Entrance, Exit, etc.). A key benefit is that signs can be removed and replaced easily as required, so if your office is flexible or changes layout frequently, they can help to reduce confusion.

Our Kick Step Stools make it easy to grab items off high shelves without the need to set up a ladder.

Recycling activities can be promoted and simplified by introducing a range of recycling bins. They are available in several different sizes and designs and are typically colour-coded and/or labelled to show clearly the kind of rubbish each bin is used for. Waste management and recycling don’t have to be a time-consuming chore; each person simply places their rubbish in the appropriate receptacle.

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