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Portable Containment Bunds

Portable Bunds offer a great way to... Portable Bunds offer a great way to contain hazardous oil spills from containers and machinery, without the need for a rigid spill pallet. Lightweight, foldable and easy to use, mobile bunding can be used for indoor and outdoor applications. Buy... ˅

More information about Portable Containment Bunds

Portable containment bunds offer a great tool for hazardous waste and spill management, especially when traditional rigid spill pallets are not feasible due to their size and inflexibility. These portable bunds are widely used in outdoor applications such as forestry, civil engineering, vehicle maintenance, machinery cleaning, and any other area that may be exposed to potential spills.

Constructed from welded PVC with metal support brackets, portable bunding is highly durable yet lightweight and easy to maintain. With the ability to effectively contain liquid runoff and prevent environmental contamination, portable bunding is an effective mobile secondary containment option suitable for many applications.

All our portable bunds are available with fast and free delivery across mainland UK. For more information or advice, contact our sales and customer service team.

What are Portable Containment Bunds for?

We must protect the environment from pollution and damage. Portable bunding helps with this by providing a way to contain unexpected spills and leaks and prevent them from spreading into the environment.

Examples of portable bunding applications range from storage of standard oil drums and cans, to IBC containers in a location where rigid spill pallets can't be used. Larger bunds can be set up around vehicles and plant machinery during a service, oil change or repair work to contain any oil spills safely.

Portable bunds can also be used to contain chemical spills, as the PVC construction offers a good level of chemical resistance. However, temporary bunding should only be used as a fallback for accidental spills, and isn't designed for long term use. Although compatible with a wide range of chemicals, checking compatibility before ordering is important.

How Big are Portable Bunds?

A wide range of portable bunding is available, with the smallest size of 600mm x 500mm recommended for small containers and oil cans.

Our PCB1 portable bund for oil drums is suitable for two standard 205 litre drums. Unlike plastic drum spill pallets, these temporary bunds provide a convenient mobile liquid storage solution for drums in outdoor applications.

PCB1 portable bund for oil drums

In the middle of the range, the EB3 and EB4 models, measuring 1500mm x 1500mm, are suitable for IBC Containers. The EB5 portable bund is the best seller as it will be suitable for most applications, including smaller plant equipment and four IBCs.

The largest portable bunds in the range are large enough for vehicles and shipping containers.

Buying Temporary Bunding Online

If you need to buy portable spill bunds online, all the information you need can be found in each product description. We offer many portable spill bunds, compatible with various liquids including a wide range of chemicals. If you are unsure of which model is best for you, please get in touch with our sales team who can provide expert product advice to help you find what you need.

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