Rubber Matting Rolls

Premium Rubber Matting Rolls for Flooring in a variety of grades, sizes and styles. Our range includes custom length options and Free UK delivery.

Rubber Matting Rolls - More Information

Rubber Matting Roll

Looking to buy Rubber Matting Rolls online? We now stock a range of different types of rubber matting roll for all kinds of floor and applications, with a variety of standard sizes and cut to size options. With First Mats being regarded as one of the UK's top retailers of matting products, you can purchase with the confidence that you'll receive a quality product with first class service.

In addition to our matting rolls, we also supply Rubber Floor Mats which cover a wider range of uses. For individual mats or rubber floor tiles, please view our Rubber Matting page.

Using rubber matting rolls can provide many benefits, primarily improved safety by creating a floor surface with better traction, but also providing protection for the floor itself. With rubber matting rolls, you will be able to cover larger areas of flooring including corridors and walkways, or choose your own custom length and we'll cut it to size for you.

Rubber Matting Roll Guide

At First Mats, we have created a range of Rubber products to cater for a variety of uses and environments. Some of the rubber matting rolls for example, are better for small work areas whereas others are ideal for high-traffic areas. We have prepared a guide below to help you find the perfect product for you.

Ribbed Rubber Matting Rolls

This type of matting is easily identified by its fluted or "ribbed" surface. The ribs help to provide extra traction underfoot for improved safety. This is our lowest cost rubber matting roll and is a great general purpose product, ideal for worktops or floors with medium levels of foot traffic.

Studded Rubber Matting Rolls

Commonly seen in busy commercial areas, stairwells and corridors, the studded or "dotted" matting roll is a heavy duty product which is ideal for the most hard wearing of environments such as shopping centres.

Anti-Slip Matting Rolls

Although all of the rubber matting rolls provide good traction on the floor, our specially designed anti-slip matting has a grit-like texture which provides unbeatable traction underfoot. This product is ideal for walkways where water or oil spillages are likely to be common.

Matting With Holes

The pattern of holes in this type of rubber matting roll makes it ideal for use behind bars, in kitchens or on any floor where water spillages are common as the holes allow for draining, keeping workers safe from slipping on standing water.

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