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If you're looking for the best quality floor mats at competitive prices, then look no further. As a supplier of specialist Floor Mats for many years, we have created a range that provides superior quality at competitive prices across many industries. Our Industrial Mats include Anti-Fatigue and Swarf Mats for factories, whilst our Entrance Mat and Logo Mats are popular with offices, shops and schools. All Mats and Flooring from First Mats are sourced from reputable ISO 9001 accredited manufacturers.

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Using the best Mats and Flooring products is essential for making your business look good and improving health and safety. Be sure to match the floor mats to the kind of environment you have, and the likely use.

Industrial matting includes a broad range of different options. Anti-fatigue matting encourages micro-movements in the muscles, improving blood flow and overall comfort for personnel that have to stand for prolonged periods.

Anti-slip matting improves the general health and safety of the environment, by reducing the likelihood of people slipping over. Don’t forget about worktop matting either — anti-static mats, self-healing cutting mats and bench protectors are all cost-effective ways of improving the environment for your personnel.

Entrance mats can be both stylish and functional. You can choose from classics like coir coconut matting — an absolute workhorse when it comes to cleaning debris and dirt from the soles of shoes, keeping the rest of your site pristine — or modern alternatives like cotton or nylon, which are easier to keep clean and can display branding and logos in super-clear prints.

Logo Mats are a great way of unifying your branding and impressing visitors to your business before they even walk through your door. These mats are all custom made, so you can be sure to get the perfect size and fit for your entranceway.

Chair mats let you protect your flooring from marks and scuffs caused by chair movements, as well as provide a surface suited to rolling easily and smoothly. Be sure to get a chair mat that works well with your existing flooring — if you have laminate or vinyl flooring, you’ll likely need a mat with a backing designed to stay in place.

Leisure matting includes slip-resistant materials that allow water to drain away quickly, perfect for use poolside or in the changing room. In the gym, you’ll want a tough, durable and impact-absorbing mat —great for around exercise equipment and in free-weight areas. Lastly, play areas need particular qualities in floor coverings. Look for ‘critical fall height’ measurements and slip resistance to ensure that children are safe and protected.

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Rubber is one of the world's most versatile substances; you can find it everywhere from tyres through to mechanical seals, hosepipes to conveyor belts, windscreen wipers to wellies. It’s so widely used because it is flexible, waterproof, hardwearing and resistant to oil and chemical damage. As you can imagine, these properties lend themselves extremely well to the world of matting and flooring, and so here are our top ten uses for rubber floor matting: 1) Stable Matting Horse and livestock owners love to use rubber stable matting as it provides a great layer of insulation from cold and damp concrete...

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