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Stair Climber Sack Trucks

Stair Climber Sack Trucks are sack trucks that have specially designed wheels enabling them to roll up and down flights of stairs with ease. They work by using 3 smaller wheels on each side in place of the usual one wheel, in a triangular pattern that ensures at least 1 wheel is in contact with the floor surface at all times.

Stair Climber Sack Trucks - More Information

Stair climbing sack truck

What are Stair Climber Sack Trucks? 

As the name suggests, Stair Climber Sack Trucks are designed to help move heavy and cumbersome loads up and down stairs, steps and kerbs. 

How do Stair Climber Sack Trucks work? 

The toe plate at the base of the Stair Climber Sack Truck can easily be slid under boxes, sacks or other outsized loads, at which point the sack truck can be tilted backwards, placing the weight of the load on the three wheels on either side. These wheels allow the truck to be easily moved on a flat surface, with two wheels in contact with the floor, and when brought against a step, the wheel arrays rotate to allow the third wheel to assist with the up/down transition. 

What is the benefit of using Stair Climber Sack Trucks? 

Manually carrying heavy or outsized loads up and down stairs is rife with health and safety risks; lifting strains the back, wrist injuries arise from poor grip, trips are more likely when a person cannot fully see the steps that they are transitioning. Stair Climber Sack Trucks alleviate all these problems, and also reduce the likelihood of a potentially expensive load being dropped and damaged. 

Which Stair Climber Sack Trucks are in the First Mats range? 

The First Mats range of Stair Climber Sack Trucks includes: 

  • Lighter aluminium framed trucks for easier use 
  • Stronger steel-framed trucks for heavier loads 
  • Compact and folding trucks which take up as little space as possible when not in use or in transit (great for delivery drivers) 
  • Telescopic trucks which allow for easy use with a variety of loads 

Some of our models are supplied with skids, which are particularly useful when navigating steep steps or staircases with very deep nosings, allowing the climber to be easily pulled at even the most acute of angles. 

Why buy Stair Climber Sack Trucks from First Mats? 

When you buy Stair Climber Sack Trucks from First Mats, you can be assured of the same excellent service that has garnered us a 4.9 out of 5 rating from our customers on Trustpilot. 

It is our aim as a company to always provide goods of the highest quality at the most competitive prices, both on our range of Stair Climber Sack Trucks and our other extensive product lines. 

If you have any questions or queries, or simply need some further advice, please do not hesitate to get in touch with one of our friendly and knowledgeable team members, who will be happy to help you.