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5 Benefits of Using Cable Protectors

Cable protectors are a great way to ensure your cables stay safe and in place. They can be used for many common purposes such as preventing tripping hazards, covering unsightly wires or cords, and protecting against wear-and-tear on the flooring underneath.

Here are five benefits of installing floor cable protectors

One – Reducing Trip Hazards

The most obvious benefit is of course safety. Having cables and wires running all across the floor creates an extremely risky work space. This can lead to serious injuries that could have been prevented easily by having these cords out of sight.

By installing floor cable protectors you can be sure that you are decreasing the likelihood of serious injuries in the workplace.

Cable protector under foot

Two – Creating a Tidier Space

When you are welcoming visitors and customers, having a space where cables are spewed all across the floor doesn't give a great first impression of your business. Using floor cable protectors stops wires trailing loose on the ground and takes you one step closer to creating a perfectly tidy workplace.

Three – Protecting Cables

We know that cables and certain types of wires are not cheap, which is why protecting them is so important. The last thing you need after spending a small fortune to get your cables and electrical equipment just how you want, is for someone to step on them and break them. There is also the risk of damage being caused by hefty wheels from sack trucks and forklifts, harsh weather, or even pesky rats! Use floor cable protectors to extend the life and maximise the performance of your cables.

Four – Protecting Equipment

Unprotected cables are not only a trip hazard, but can also damage the equipment they are connected to in the event of an accident. By leaving them unprotected you are putting expensive, business-critical equipment at risk including computers, server equipment and more. If somebody were to trip up on the unprotected cables or get caught up in them whilst transporting items around the workplace, it could leave you with broken or damaged equipment.

With cable protectors, you are effectively protecting both the cables and the equipment they are attached to.

Cable protector floor mat

Five – Reliable Operation

By organising your business space with floor cable protectors you can rest assured that you are also increasing staff productivity and improving the overall efficiency of your company. This is because people work better in a neat, tidy and professional environment.
An added bonus is that cable protectors prevent your wires from gathering dust and dirt and this is important as dirt can negatively impact the overall effectiveness of the cables.

We hope you have found these tips useful. You can view our full range of Floor Cable Protectors here.

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