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Mats for Wudu / Ablution Areas in Mosques

Here at First Mats, we have an extensive selection of wet room matting ideal for Wudu/ Ablution areas in Mosques and other spiritual sites. The outstanding water drainage, anti-slip properties and anti-bacterial hygienic surfaces of our Wudu mats allow any Mosque to keep hygiene and safety levels high - a must for the holy cleansing of Wudu.

What is Wudu/Ablution?

A Wudu/Ablution area is a dedicated space for performing ritual cleansing before Muslim prayer. This cleansing is known as ‘wudu’ or ‘ablution’, and involves washing the hands, face, arms and feet. It is an integral part of the Islamic faith, and its importance comes from the fact that it prepares the worshipper to be in the presence of Allah in a clean state.

Ablution Washrooms

An ablution/wudu washroom typically consists of an open square washroom with a drain in the middle and taps on each side of the room. The mats are used in the centre of the room to help drainage and stop any loose water-causing slipping hazards.

Why Do I Need Wet Room Matting for my Mosque/ Prayer Room?

Although not mandatory for Wudu/Ablution, the main benefit of wet room matting is to keep your floors safe, hygienic and moisture free – all critical factors in any public environment, including places of worship. Our entire wet room matting range is fully water resistant with anti-bacterial surfaces, and can be loose-laid on any floor or surface without any prior installation required.

Recommended Wudu Mats

Heronrib Wudu Ablution Area Matting

Heronrib Wudu Matting

Heronrib matting is among the best floor mats for Wudu and other wet rooms. This is thanks to its superb durability and unbeatable four-way drainage, making it a superb value Wudu mat. Available in a variety of roll widths and colours, Heronrib also provides the flexibility needed to create customised matting that fits with the shape and style of your Wudu.

Product Overview:

  • Made in the UK
  • Durable matting backed up by a 3-year guarantee
  • Roll widths of 50cm, 100cm or 122cm
  • Thickness of 10.5mm
  • Anti-Slip and Fire tested for added safety
  • Colours: Charcoal Grey, Ocean (Light) Blue, Oxford (Dark) Blue, Red, Green, and White.


AquaDeck Interlocking Wudu Mat Tiles

AquaDeck Wudu Wet Room Tiles

Aqua-Deck's innovative, interlocking design effortlessly adapts to irregular-shaped rooms and corridors, providing complete, customisable protection against standing water hazards.

Each 30cm x 30cm tile forms a seamless, comfortable mesh surface, elevating the Wudu experience for your community. The cleverly designed studs on the underside facilitate safe water flow beneath the mat, maintaining a dry, secure ablution area floor surface.

For a polished look, optional edging pieces can be added to all sides of the mat, achieving a flawless flush finish. AquaDeck Wudu Mat Tiles not only enhance the safety of your Mosque's wet rooms, but also elevate the aesthetics, providing a welcoming environment for worshippers.

Product Overview:

  • Tiles are sold individually, each measuring 30cm x 30cm. Female and male ramped edges can be purchased separately.
  • PVC construction with a textured surface and interlocked drainage holes.
  • Available in 7 attractive colour finishes
  • Conforms to DIN 51130:1992 anti-slip testing
  • Height: 12mm
  • Manufactured in the UK

SlipProtect Slatted Wudu Matting Rolls

SlipProtect Wudu Matting Swatch

The unique wide-slatted design of SlipProtect ensures exceptional stability, safety, and comfort, creating an inviting and protected space for worshippers.

SlipProtect Wet Room Matting is a cost-effective, long-term investment in durable floor protection. Designed with heavy-duty materials, these mats are built to last and withstand the demands of busy ablution areas.

Available in fixed lengths or customizable up to 10 meters, SlipProtect mats cater to your Mosque's unique requirements. Experience the perfect blend of safety, comfort, and value with SlipProtect Wet Room Matting.

Choose SlipProtect and elevate your Mosque's Wudu areas, providing a secure and pleasant environment for your community to perform their ablution rituals.

Product Overview:

  • Outstanding wear resistance measured to ASTM D3844-92 standards
  • Cross-ribbed PVC with ease of repositioning and installing on floors
  • Compatible with most commercial cleaning products
  • Height: 12mm
  • Size: 60cm – 100cm width, 10m – custom lengths
  • Colours: Red, White, Yellow, Beige, Blue, Grey

Buying from First Mats

Aqua-Deck Tiles Heronrib Matting SlipProtect Matting
Wear Resistance
Slip Resistance
Custom Sizes Interlocking Tiles
Roll Widths 30cm x 30cm tile 50cm, 100cm, 122cm 60cm, 80cm, 100cm
Thickness 12mm 10.5mm 12mm
Weight 0.52 kg/tile 5.50 kg/m2 5.40 kg/m2
Colours Black, Blue, Red, Green, Grey, Yellow, Brown White, Light Blue, Dark Blue, Grey, Red, Green Blue, Grey, White, Beige
Texture/Surface Grid Surface Narrow Slats Wide Slats
Special Features Excellent drainage, Interlocking design Four-Way drainage, Custom sizes per CM Heavy-Duty Design, Wide slats for comfort
Price range ££ ££ ££££
Buy Online


The mats mentioned in this guide are just a small selection of the First Mats range. If you’re looking for matting for a Wudu or Ablution area in a Mosque but want more choices, please view the full range of mats and flooring.

  • A vast range of indoor and outdoor mats
  • Specialist slip-resistant matting for wet areas
  • Free samples available on request
  • Knowledgeable team on hand for free advice
  • First Mats stock only high-quality products

We offer a specialist customer helpline with dedicated support and guidance to help you find the best possible mat in alignment with your circumstances, budget, needs and preferences.   


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