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Mats for Wudu / Ablution Areas in Mosques

Here at First Mats, we have an extensive selection of wet room matting and tiles ideal for the holy practices and usages in Wudu/ Ablution areas for Mosques and other religious areas.  The outstanding water drainage, anti-slip properties and anti-bacterial hygienic surfaces of our wet area mats allows for any Mosque to keep hygiene levels high- a must for the holy cleansing of Wudu.

What is Wudu/Ablution?

Wudu or Ablution areas are washrooms found in Mosques designated for the spiritual and ritual washing performed by Muslims before prayer. Muslims must be clean and wear good clothes before they present themselves and perform religious practises before God.

Ablution Washrooms

An ablution/wudu washroom normally consists of an open square washroom with a drain in the middle and taps on each side of the room. The mats are used in the centre of the room to help with drainage and stop any loose water causing slipping hazards.

Why Do I Need Wet Room Matting for my Mosque/ Prayer Room?

Although not being a mandatory piece of equipment required for Wudu/Ablution, the main priority of wet room matting is to keep your floors safe, hygienic and moisture free – which are all critical factors in any public environment including places of worship. Our entire wet room matting range is fully water resistant with anti-bacterial surfaces, preventing bacterial and fungal growth, and can be loose-laid on any floor or surface without any prior installation required.

Recommended Mats

AquaDeck Wet Room Tiles

AquaDeck Wet Room Tiles

The AquaDeck wet room tiles, with their clever interlocking design, are ideal for irregular shaped rooms and corridors that need to be protected from the dangers of standing water. Measuring 30cm x 30cm per tile, the mats create a seamless mesh surface that is comfortable on bare feet, with studs on the underside to help excess water to flow safely underneath the mat surface. Optional edging pieces can also be used on all sides of the mat for a complete flush finish.

Product Overview:

  • Tiles bundled in packs of 9 which each tile measuring 30cm x 30cm. Female and male edges can be purchased separately.
  • PVC construction with a textured surface and interlocked drainage holes.
  • Available in 5 high visibility colour finishes
  • Conforms to DIN 51130 :1992 anti-slip testing
  • Height: 13mm
  • Size: 30cm x 30cm (per tile)
  • Colours: Black, Blue, Red, Green, Grey

    AquaStep Changing Room Mats

    AquaStep Wet Room Mat

    One of our most popular wet room and changing mat options, our PVC AquaStep provides incredible flexibility in choice of colour, size and length alongside great water and bacterial resistance in high foot traffic areas.  With no prior installation needed and easy to roll up and store, AquaStep mats can be cut to any length required with the choice to expand the mat with connector clips joining two mats side by side.  

    Product Overview:

    • Can be sorted easily and rolled up to be placed on any existing floor
    • The 60cm width can be easily expanded with the use of connector clips (sold separately), allowing two mats to be joined together.
    • Wear resistance and anti-fatigue properties.
    • Meets ASTM C1028-89 & DIN-E-51130, 51097 standards for anti-slipping.
    • Height: 9mm
    • Size: 60cm x 90xcm, 60cm x 15m, 60cm x Custom Length
    • Colours: Blue, Light Blue, Red, Beige, Reed Green, Light Blue, White Fleck


      SlipProtect Changing Room Mat

      SlipProtect Slatted Room Mats

      Great for elongated changing rooms, exits and entrances, our SlipProtect Wet Room Matting is an affordable long-term investment for prolonged floor safety in your building. The iconic cross-ribbed finish sports amazing levels of stability, safety and comfort. Order one of our fixed length or, for added flexibility, a custom length mat in any size you need up to 10m.

      Product Overview:

      • Outstanding wear resistance measured to ASTM D3844-92 standards
      • Cross-ribbed PVC with ease of repositioning and installing on floors
      • Compatible with most commercial cleaning products
      • Height: 12mm
      • Size: 60cm – 100cm width, 10m – custom lengths
      • Colours: Red, White, Yellow, Beige, Blue, Grey

        Buying from First Mats

        The mats mentioned in this guide are just a small selection of the First Mats range. If you’re looking for a matting solution for a Wudu or Ablution area in a Mosque, but want to see more choices, please view the full range of mats on this website.

        • A huge range of indoor and outdoor mats
        • Specialist slip resistant matting for wet areas
        • Free samples available on request
        • Knowledgeable team on hand for free advice
        • Only high-quality products are stocked by First Mats

        We offer a specialist customer helpline with dedicated support and guidance to help you find the best possible mat in align to your circumstances, budget, needs and preferences.