How to Clean Door Mats

When was the last time your door mats were given a good clean? A week ago? A month ago? Or maybe longer? Door mats are our first line of defence for keeping our floors clean and dry, yet many of them get neglected which can make them less effective at doing their job.

Putting time aside to clean door mats may feel like a hassle, but having a clean and effective mat will help keep your floors looking spotless by keeping dirt and grime away. So, a clean door mat means time and money saved in the long run!

How to clean door mats

For the majority of door mats, dry vacuuming regularly will remove most of the dirt and dust that is embedded in the fibres. However, every so often, its good to give the mats a deep clean to help remove stubborn dirt marks and stains. The correct way to deep clean depends on the type of mat you have:

Rubber Backed Matting – These are contemporary door mats, usually found indoors, and feature a plush synthetic pile on top of a vinyl or rubber backed base. Some of these mats are machine washable (check the label), and others can be cleaned using carpet cleaner or a mild detergent and water. Always patch test to make sure no discolouration occurs and make sure that the mat is fully dry before use again.

Coir Matting – This traditional type of matting is made from husks of coconut shells which makes them very durable and hard wearing but also very absorbent. This is why strong detergents should be avoided as they can cause discoloration or leave marks. The best way to clean coir matting is by using a dry powder cleaning product.

Firstly, a thorough dry vacuum of the carpet should be done to remove all the trapped dirt, debris and dust that is hidden in the fibres. Then sprinkle the cleaning powder (a mixture of cornstarch and baking soda works too) liberally all over the mat. Leave it for 30 minutes then vacuum one last time.

Muddy Coir Matting


If any spills or stains happen on either type of matting, the key is time. The faster the mat is cleaned, the less likely the chance of a permanent stain.

Are door mats machine washable?

Traditional coir door matting is unsuitable for use in the washing machine as it is made up of tough, bristly fibres and should be hand cleaned only. Some types of rubber backed matting can be used in the washing machine, however sizes larger than 60cm x 90cm (Approximately 2ft x 3ft) will be too large for most domestic washing machines. Either way, we advise checking with the manufacturer or retailer to be certain.

How often should door mats be cleaned?

The cleaning frequency for your door mats depends on a number of points including, the time of year, the amount of foot traffic on the mat and the surrounding environment. In general, we recommend a quick vacuum every week, and a deep clean every month (or sooner if its outdoors or in a high traffic area where it’s very wet and muddy).

Door Mat Cleaning Tips

  • Clean Door Mats weekly with a vacuum cleaner
  • Beat or shake loose dirt out of mats regularly
  • Avoid using strong detergents on coir matting, try baking soda instead
  • Check to see if your mat is suitable for washing machines
  • Make sure mats are completely dry before being put back into place
  • Consider replacing your door mat every 2 years

We hope you have found this guide to be useful. If you have any questions about door mat care, maintenance, or any other enquiries, please contact our friendly team and we will be happy to help.

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