How to Clean Door Mats

When was the last time you cleaned your door mats? (Be honest) was it a week ago, a month ago, maybe longer than that? Door mats are our first line of defence for keeping our floors clean and dry, yet many of them get neglected which can make them become less effective at doing their job.

Putting time aside to clean door mats may feel like an extra chore (and we’re sure you already have enough of those on your list) but an effective door mat will help to keep dirt and grime away from floors, so keeping your mats clean can save you time and money in the long run.

How to clean door mats

For most door mats, regular dry vacuuming will remove much of the visible dirt and dust that gets embedded in the fibres. For best results, shake off the loose dirt whilst outside or beat it against a wall become vacuuming. For removing stains and more stubborn dirt marks, the correct way to clean it will depend on the type of mat you have;

Rubber Backed Matting – Contemporary door mats, usually found indoors, feature a plush synthetic pile on top of a vinyl or rubber backed base. Some of these are machine washable but others should be cleaned using a mild detergent or carpet cleaner. It is best to test a small area first just in case it causes any discolouration. Most mats of this type can be cleaned with a hose and dried on a washing line.

Coir Matting – Traditional welcome mats are absorbent, so strong detergents should be avoided as this can leave marks or cause discolouration. Instead, you may want to try Baking Soda, which is also great for removing odours. Simply sprinkle on the baking soda, leave to sit for around 10 minutes and use a scrub brush to rub it in to the deeper fibres. Then remove the baking soda with a vacuum cleaner. Alternatively, you can wash dirt off coir door mats using a hose but hang them on a line to dry them completely before placing back on the floor.

In either case, the key here is time. The quicker you can clean a spillage or mark, the less likely it is to leave a permanent stain.

Are door mats machine washable?

As mentioned above, traditional coir door mats that are made from tough bristly fibres are completely unsuitable for the washing machine. Some rubber backed door mats can be machine washed, but sizes larger than 60cm x 90cm (Approximately 2ft x 3ft) will be too large for most domestic washing machines. Either way, we advise checking with the manufacturer or retailer just to make sure.

When should door mats be cleaned?

The cleaning frequency for your door mats depends on various things such as the time of year, amount of foot traffic and surrounding environment (e.g. if the door mat is near a muddy entrance area). Your door mats should be cleaned with a vacuum whenever doing the surrounding floor (preferably weekly) with more thorough cleans being done on a monthly basis or sooner if needed.

Door Mat Cleaning Tips

  • Clean Door Mats weekly with a vacuum cleaner
  • Beat or shake loose dirt out of mats regularly
  • Avoid using strong detergents on coir matting, try baking soda instead
  • Check to see if your mat is suitable for washing machines
  • Make sure mats are completely dry before being put back into place
  • Consider replacing your door mat every 2 years

    We hope you have found this guide to be useful. If you have any questions about door mat care, maintenance, or any other enquiries, please contact us and we will be happy to help.

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