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Pallet Truck Sizes Guide

The humble pallet truck is an essential tool found in almost all warehouses and factories, some of them moving hundreds of pallets per day. This facilitates the handling of warehouse stock and makes loading and unloading transport vehicles very quick and easy.

Since there are many different standard pallet sizes such as Euro and UK pallets, it is important to ensure that your workplace uses suitable pallet trucks.

Quick Answer:

  • 450mm wide Trucks: Use with Printers Pallets
  • 540mm wide Trucks: Use with Euro Pallets
  • 680mm wide Trucks: Use with UK, Blue, GKN or CHEP Pallets


By following this guide to making sure your pallet truck width and size is the best fit for your needs, you can guarantee to see an increase in productivity and efficiency within your workforce; all whilst protecting the health and safety of your employees and reducing the risk of back strain or other physical injuries.

Below is a list of key points to consider when choosing the correct pallet truck.

Pallet Truck Fork Width Sizes

The most important point to acknowledge in order to find the best pallet truck for your business is width. There are three main categories to choose from:

UK (also known as Blue, GKN or CHEP) pallets

These are the most widely used pallets in the UK and are 1000mm x 1200mm. They are best suited for use with 680mm wide pallet trucks.

Euro Pallets – These are very common for any businesses that trades with or imports goods from the EU. Their standard pallet size is 800mm x 1200 mm and are perfect for use with 540mm wide pallet trucks.

Printers pallets – Much smaller than standard pallets, they are most commonly used within the printing industry, making 450mm wide pallet trucks the best suited for use.

    Pallet Truck Fork Length Sizes

    Another important point to bear in mind when deciding which pallet truck is right for you is the length of the forks.

    Both UK and Euro pallets suit a standard fork length of 1150mm, and at First Mats we have a variety of options ranging from 1000mm forks for shorter pallets, to 2000mm forks which can be used to carry two pallets at once allowing the economical movement of goods.

    Pallet Truck Wheel Types

    Typically, all pallet trucks are fitted with nylon wheels as standard as they are the most hard-wearing and durable option. Offering low resistance on smooth floors, they make heavy loads easier to move and do not leave skid marks on the floor.

    Some pallet trucks, however, are fitted with polyurethane wheels. These are well suited to floors with sawdust or grit as the additional friction will not damage the wheel; whilst also being resistant to oils and grease and running smoothly and quietly on uneven floors.

    Weight / Load Capacity

    The final point to choosing the right pallet truck is its maximum load capacity. Most standard pallet trucks have a weight capacity of 1500-2000kg. However, heavy-duty options are available for environments where hefty loads are constantly handled and have a maximum load of 3000kg.

    We hope you have found this brief guide of pallet truck width and sizes to be helpful. At First Mats, we offer a range of pallet trucks which are all carefully selected for their quality and the benefits they can offer to your business.