The last thing you need is to deal with a data disconnection. Our 3 metre long data cable protectors are perfect for safeguarding your telecommunications infrastructure.

Complete with 2 channels in various width options.

  • Standard 3 metre length
  • includes two channels to keep cables separated
  • features a choice of two different enclosed cable channel sizes
  • ideal for cable management for offices or server rooms
  • innovative seam design for snapping cables into place

In the era of digital, connectivity is the lifeblood of just about every organization, and data cables are an integral part of that equation. Keep those lines of communication open and the data flowing with our safe and durable data cable protectors. Designed for todays tough standards of safety, durability, and compliance,

Like nearly all our products, these data protectors come in multiple lengths and channel sizes but with one important difference: these cable protectors have two isolated channels so you don't mix up your CAT-5 from your CAT-6.

An underside seam helps snap those cables in place to keep them as snug as a bug, making these cable protectors perfect for offices, server rooms, or wherever data connectivity is crucial and these days, in this hyper-connected world of the digital era, that's everywhere!

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