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When high visibility is a must, our yellow hazard cable protectors keep you (and anyone else!) from taking a tumble.

  • available in lengths of either 3m or 9m
  • features highly visible yellow safety stripes
  • excellent for offices or events where visibility is key
  • made from highly durable PVC plastic
  • features a choice of two different enclosed cable channel sizes


What do you do when you have the perfect cable protector product? If you're like us, you make it even better! Our high-viz yellow hazard cable protectors are the upgraded version of our general purpose protectors, featuring a bright yellow strip on either side of the top of the protector.

Protect more than just your cables with these high-viz strips. Protect your companys liability at public events, too. Busy vendor booths at conventions and conferences are a prime target for unsuspecting pedestrians and busy, behind-the-scenes booth managers. Even when pedestrian volume is high, keep everyone focused on safety with the thoughtfully designed yellow-on-black strips that show up on any background. High-viz means high alert.

When high visibility is non-negotiable and you can't take any chances on whether your cable protector will be spotted by passersby, you can rely on these impossible-to-miss protector strips.

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