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The Best Door Mats for Winter

As we move away from the warmth of summer towards the approaching winter, you may have started to notice some familiar changes. The days are getting shorter, there’s frost on the car windscreen and the trees have shed most of their leaves. What you may also have noticed is the water and dirt trailing through the entrances as people come and go from your home or workplace.

It can be a real chore to try and keep on top of this mess, but with the right matting fitted you can trap most of the dirt and water at the door keeping your home or workplace clean and safe.

Indoor and Outdoor Mats

To maximise the protection from the outside elements, we recommend using both an Indoor and outdoor door mat together. Outdoor mats are made from hard-wearing rubber which is ideal for scraping dirt away from shoes whereas indoor door mats, made from cotton or synthetic fibers, are best for absorbing moisture.

To help you find the right mats for you, we have put together a list of our best door mats for the winter period.

Our Choice - Coir Matting

Coir Matting

Let’s start at the top of the list with our preferred choice, the humble coir mat. This is actually a great mat all year round, the old-fashioned look of it makes it look homely and it blends in brilliantly with traditional doorways.

Coir Mats are made from coconut husks, giving them a very natural looking finish. This also makes them excellent for absorbing water and dirt from the feet of all family members, including children and pets.

Our Coir Mats can be cut to size, allowing you to purchase a mat that fits your entrance or a recessed mat-well perfectly. They are also available in different colours, grey coir mats are particularly popular!

Prices from £16.80 for standard or custom size from £0.38 per cm

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Best Value Mat for the Home

MudProtect Door Mat

Whilst the Coir Mat may have been our top choice, this style won’t be suitable for every home. Our best value alternative is the MudProtect Door Mat. Available in three sizes, this mat is made from ultra-absorbent cotton soaking up a huge amount of water before it enters the house.

It has a soft texture making it kind to feet (and paws) and is machine washable making it easy to keep looking clean and fresh. The mat comes with an integral latex non-slip backing keeping it by the door where it can do what it does best. The MudProtect mat is also available in a range of colours allowing you to match it to your home decor.

What’s more, this particular mat comes with a 5-year guarantee in the home ensuring a long life span considering the small cost.

Prices starting from £20.75

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Lowest Cost Door Mat

Cotton Protect Low Cost Door Mat

While the MudProtect Mat above may be our best value choice, there is also a lower cost option for the tightest of budgets. Starting at just £9.95 the Cotton Protect is our lowest cost door mat, but can still be a great choice for this winter.

It is made from cotton, a highly absorbent material so it will help to keep water off the floors around entrances but is less effective at catching dirt and mud as our best value option above. It is however machine washable so is easy to care for.

Prices starting from £9.95

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Best Outdoor Door Mat for Snow and Dirt

DoorGuard Entrance Mat

Most entrance mats can be found indoors but if you really want maximum protection from the elements, then adding an outdoor mat can really help. An outdoor doormat, made from rubber, will work by scraping dirt, snow and debris away from shoes allowing the indoor mat that follows to just absorb the remaining moisture.

The best outdoor doormat to use in winter is our DoorGuard Mat. This mat features a pattern of holes which are excellent for catching snow and mud from the bottom of shoes, acting like little wells to let the water drain away under the mat rather than being trapsed in through an entrance.

When it comes to keeping the snow outside where it belongs, there really is no better mat than the Doorguard.

Prices from £72.95

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Best Value Outdoor Door Mat

DirtTrap Door Mat

If you are looking for an outdoor door mat, but feel that the DoorGuard is a bit too extreme, then you may want to consider the DirtTrap. With prices starting from just £21.00 (60cm x 80cm) the DirtTrap is a great value mat that can be used outside of the home or office.

DirtTrap features a dense pattern of natural rubber nodules that are great at scraping dirt from shoes before entering the building. The rubber construction makes it a hard-wearing mat that’ll work effectively year after year and includes a slip resistant base to reduce its movement.

The DirtTrap mat can be cleaned easily by simply spraying with a regular hose to wash away dirt and other debris. There are four sizes available ranging from 60 x 80cm to 90 x 180cm.

"Good solid mat, size is accurate" - David R. 19/12/2016


Prices from £21.00

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Best Commercial Indoor Entrance Mat

AquaProtect Plus Door Mat

It’s not just homes where entrances need to be protected. A commercial premises can have a much higher volume of traffic than a home so commercial entrance mats need to be able to offer the same benefits as a domestic mat with the durability to make it last for years.

For this time of year, our AquaProtect Plus is the best weapon against water and dirt walked in from staff and visitors. It is an exceptionally heavy-duty mat designed for entrances with high traffic volumes such as schools, offices, airports and high street shops. The decalon and rubber construction make this one of our highest scoring mats in all categories; Crush Resistance, Soil Resistance and Water Retention.

The AquaProtect Plus entrance mat can hold up to an impressive 6 litres of water per square metre, providing the best defence against the outside world… especially when it snows!

Prices starting from £51.50

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Whichever mat you decide to use, whether it be in the home or at work, try to consider more than just the cost of it. Investing in an entrance mat that is suitable for your needs is better than constantly cleaning a muddy, slippery floor.

For any questions or further guidance, please check out our website or contact us directly.

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