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The Best Door Mats for Winter

As we move away from the warmth of summer towards the approaching winter, you may have noticed some familiar changes. The days are getting shorter, there’s frost on the car windscreen, and the trees have shed most of their leaves. What you may also have noticed is the water and dirt trailing through the entrances as people come and go from your home or workplace.

It can be a real chore to try and keep on top of this mess, but when using door mats that work well in winter, you can trap most of the dirt and water at the door keeping your home or workplace clean and safe.

Winter Door Mats Top Tip:

To maximise the protection from the outside elements, we recommend using both an Indoor and outdoor door mat together. Outdoor mats are made from hard-wearing rubber, which is ideal for scraping dirt away from shoes, whereas indoor door mats, made from cotton or synthetic fibres, are best for absorbing moisture.

For the best performance, you should use large door mats wherever possible, as the bigger the mat, the more water and dirt it can remove from shoes.

To help you find the best door mats for winter, we have put together a list of our best door mats below.

Our Top Choice - AquaProtect Winter Doormat

AquaProtect Absorbent Door Mat

Let's start with our top choice, the AquaProtect indoor entrance mat. This is a fantastic all-around mat and is ideal for both domestic and commercial entrances. It features a raised waffle pattern that lifts the winter mud and dirt away from your feet, whilst the looped polypropylene pile can soak up an impressive 6 litres of water per square metre.

Moreover, the AquaProtect is bonded to a natural rubber backing, which sticks to hard floor surfaces preventing it from moving around.

A bigger mat is always more effective, especially in wet conditions, but the sizes of AquaProtect start at 60cm x 90cm for standard entrances.

  • Super Absorbent Material
  • Heavy-Duty Design
  • Non-slip Rubber Backing


Best Made to Measure Door Mat for Winter

Plush Choice Door Mat

With its low price, but high quality, it's no surprise that the Plush Choice is one of the most popular mats in our entire range. With over 70 reviews, it's clear to see that this is a favourite amongst First Mats customers.

One of the biggest benefits of this particular mat is that it is available in a custom length, From 60cm up to a huge 25 metres long! This means that it can be ordered to suit most entrance areas, including homes, offices and commercial premises.

  • Low profile 7mm height
  • Highly popular door mat
  • Available in a custom length
  • Choose from 4 mottled colour designs

Easy to Clean Absorbent Door Mat for Winter

Absorbent Microfiber Door Mat

If you prefer an entrance mat that combines high performance with a luxurious texture, then this is the mat for you. The pile is made from Microfiber material which is superb at soaking up water from your feet.

It is also machine washable, making this door mat easy to keep looking clean and new.

The flexible PVC backing provides strength for the mat and helps to keep it firmly in place on any hard floor surface. Our Easy Clean Microfiber door mat is a great winter choice for homes and offices.

  • Absorbent Pile Material
  • Luxuriously soft surface texture
  • Machine washable

Hardy Channel - A mat to scrape away the mud and water

Hardy Channel Mat

When it comes to removing grit and mud from shoes, a mat with a textured surface will be the best way to do this. Our HardyChannel mat features a pattern of ribs or channels, which removes and traps small stones and dirt far more effectively than a flat-surfaced mat.

The HardyChannel mat is available in mottled colours, which further helps to hide the dirt stains keeping the entrance looking cleaner for longer.

The smallest sizes start from 60cm x 90cm, great for the home, and up to 120cm x 180cm for offices and other commercial premises.

  • Highly effective scraper design
  • Mottled colours to hide dirt and grime
  • Good value entrance matting

Best Outdoor Entrance Mat for Winter

EntraGuard Rubber Scraper Mat

Even though it often only lasts a few days each year, snow can wreak havoc across the country, and our floors are no exception. The best way to keep the indoor floors dry is to stop the snow from getting inside in the first place.

Our EntraGuard is a hard-wearing rubber entrance mat featuring a pattern of holes which scrape snow away from feet and keep it trapped in the circular wells.

Whilst its appearance may be a bit industrial for homes, it can certainly be a wise investment for offices, shops and other public buildings. 

  • Hard-Wearing Rubber Material
  • Quick and effective drainage of water and snow
  • Large holes to scrape dirt and mud from shoes

Best Commercial Indoor Entrance Mat for Winter

AquaProtect Plus Door Mat

It’s not just homes where entrances need to be protected. Commercial premises can have a much higher traffic volume than a home, so commercial entrance mats need to be able to offer the same benefits as domestic mats with the durability to make them last for years.

For this time of year, our AquaProtect Plus is the best weapon against water and dirt walked in by staff and visitors. It is an exceptionally heavy-duty mat designed for entrances with high traffic volumes, such as schools, offices, airports and high street shops. The decalon and rubber construction make this one of our highest scoring mats in all categories; Crush Resistance, Soil Resistance and Water Retention.

The AquaProtect Plus entrance mat can hold up to an impressive 6 litres of water per square metre, providing the best defence against the outside world… especially when it snows!

  • Ultra Heavy-Duty Entrance Mat
  • Highly absorbent design
  • Crush-resistant materials

Whichever winter door mat you decide to use, whether it be in the home or at work, try to consider more than just the cost of it. Investing in an entrance mat that is suitable for your needs is better than constantly cleaning a muddy, slippery floor.


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