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Easy Clean Microfiber Door Mat

Looking for a cost effective door mat that is easy to keep looking clean and new? Easy Clean is our low cost washable Microfiber door mat and is a popular choice in homes and offices.

Easy Clean is available in two sizes, starting at 60cm x 90cm, which can be cleaned in a domestic washing machine. Chemical pre-treatments and detergents are not required, helping to keep the door mat environmentally friendly. It is made with ultra-fine microfibers which are highly absorbent and help to remove dust and dirt from footwear.

First Mats - Product Scores

Crush Resistance Crush Resistance - 2/3 - This mat provides Very Good resistance to crushing. This is measured by a test that simulates wear. The higher the rating the longer the life span of the mat.
Soil Resistance Soil Resistance - 2/3 - This mat offers Very Good dirt and dust collection. The higher the score the greater the weight of dust and dirt collected by the mat.
Water Retention Water Retention - 3/3 - This mat has Excellent water retention qualities. This is measured by the amount of moisture which can be absorbed by the mat. The higher the rating the more moisture is absorbed.


Easy Clean is made from absorbant microfibers, with a high-quality anti slip PVC backing. Each fibre is finer than a human hair, creating a luxurious soft pile.


Our Easy Clean washable door mat is available in four attractive colours; Black, Brown, Beige and Purple.


  • Height: 8mm
  • Backing: PVC
  • Indoor use only

Data Sheet:

Please contact us if you require a data sheet or any additional information about this mat.

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  • Delivery £4.95+ VAT On Orders Under £50 + VAT
  • Orders Dispatched within 1 – 3 days of placing order ( Except for Custom lengths that will be dispatched in 3-5 days)
  • Please contact us if you require a quote on next day delivery

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