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Fire Resistant Matting

Fire-resistant matting is an often overlooked but essential part of fire safety in any building. Most floor mats are made from materials which are not fireproof, meaning that in the event of a fire, they can quickly become fuel for the flames. Fire-resistant matting is made from materials designed to resist ignition and self-extinguish in the event of a fire. This means that they can help to prevent the spread of fire and reduce the amount of damage caused by a fire. 

Although Fire-Resistant Matting is not mandatory for all areas in the UK, specific laws, legislations and guidelines urge landlords, councils and housing associations to enforce improved fire safety practices across the entire building. Fire-resistant mats are available in many sizes and styles to suit any need, and they can be an essential part of keeping people safe in the event of a fire.

The Importance of Fire Safety

Flammable materials can fuel a fire, allowing it to quickly spread, emitting poisonous gases and causing damage to anything within the vicinity. While not all matting is built with fireproof materials, the choice to have fire-resistant matting can dramatically reduce the speed that flames spread throughout the area.

While no matting can completely stop a fire from spreading,  fire-resistant mats can dramatically reduce the speed at which flames travel and potentially save lives.

Fire Resistance in terms of Matting

It is essential to understand that even though mats may be classified with flame-resistant properties, a vast majority of mats are still potentially flammable objects and should be treated as such.

Matting without fire resistance will burn and spread flames much faster than fire-resistant counterparts. This can allow any hazardous situation with fire to worsen – potentially blocking off the only exit to escape.

Matting without fire resistance can be placed under public health and safety scrutiny from councils and housing associations. These bodies are fully liable if an incident happens because of the matting. Tenants are often asked to remove a mat outside their door for public health and safety reasons.

Fire-Resistant Matting from First Mats

We understand the important demand and health and safety significance of fire-safe equipment in public communal areas and housing estates, and we supply a select range of DIN and EN-tested self-extinguishing matting solutions.

Dura-Plush Flame-Retardant Door Mat

UV and temperature resistant from 0–60 degrees Celsius, the Dura-Plush is flame resistant to DIN 4102 B1 – a test that consists of penetrating a hot piece of metal into the mat to test and observe the flammability of the carpet.

Fire Resistant Door Mat

Coated with a non-slip PVC backing and a stylish polyamide plush, the Dura-Plush is suitable for high-traffic entrances and walkways and is available in three standard sizes up to 130cm x 200cm.  

HardyChannel Ribbed Entrance Matting

A great affordable option for tighter budgets, HardyChannel entrance matting is a great all-around entrance barrier mat ideal for homes, flats and apartments. EN 13501-1 complaint, the low-profile 9mm mat is straightforward to clean with a vacuum and comes in 4 bright colour options.

HardyChannel Rubbed Entrance Mat

The slip-resistant PVC backing and 100% polypropylene pile contribute to reliable crush and soil resistance and excellent moisture retention properties. If you need something to guard your kitchen against dirty footprints, then the HardyChannel might be the mat for you!

Commercial Mat-Well Tiles

Our Mat-Well Tile range is made specifically for commercial mat-well entrances for public communal areas and businesses that receive a lot of daily traffic. Fire tested to EN13501 - Euro Classification B(F2)S2. The interlocking pieces are available with open and closed variations.

Mat-Well Tiles

The flush finish allows wheeled traffic and vehicles to enter your premises quickly and remains incredibly hard-wearing, made to withstand years of heavy usage before needing to be replaced.

If in the rare incident that you would need to replace or remove your mat-well tiles, the smartly designed lugs allow you to attach and detach pieces quickly, easily and securely.

Why Choose First Mats for Fire-Resistant Matting?

Trusted by hundreds of household brands and organisations across the UK, First Mats is one of the UK’s top-rated floor mat suppliers for a good reason. Our range of commercial and industrial fire-ready products is a sentiment of our ongoing commitment to providing the best quality, safest products on the market. 

Additionally, if you are looking for something more suited to an industrial application with fire prevention properties, please view our industrial floor mats range, full of industry-tested matting, for optimal performance at work.

If you are ever unsure about any of our products or need a little extra guidance, please contact a member of our friendly team at 0121 702 1659 or email info@firstmats.co.uk for dedicated customer support.


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