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16mm Thick Entrance Matting System Tiles

Our premium Mat-Well Tile Pro is a fine addition for any enterprise looking for a long lasting entrance matting system, designed to provide exceptional comfort and safety with appealing aesthetics for your office mat-well or recess.

Our industry-grade hard-wearing nylon carpet targets, scrapes and removes dirt and moisture from footwear, with the option to have an closed or open design for easy maintenance.  Choose from Anthracite, Blue, Brown and Grey and easily cut away any excess with the extremely flexible and versatile rubber. 

Open or Closed System Option

With our Mat-Well tiles, you have the choice of either an open or closed tile finish dependent on your personal preferences.

Open System

Open Mat Tile System

The open system tiles feature rows of small holes which allow dirt and debris to fall underneath the mat where they can later be cleared away.

Closed System

Closed Tile System

The most popular option is the closed system, which doesn't have any holes in the design. This keeps dirt on the top surface of the mat where it can be vacuum cleaned away.

Fire Resistance

It is an essential requirement of any matting used in public areas to be fire resistant. Our Mat-Well Tiles are fire tested to EN13501 Euro Classification B(F2)S2 complying with most building construction regulations.

Typical Applications

Our Mat-Well Pro Mats are flexible and durable making them the ideal choice for a wide range of commercial applications including those with wheeled traffic or where high-heeled shoes are worn. Popular users of mat well tiles are offices, public buildings (libraries, schools, etc.) and supermarket stores.

How to Install Mat-Well Tiles

Our Mat-Well Tile Pro system has been designed for quick and easy installation using minimal tools;

  1. First, ensure the mat well is suitable for the 16mm tile height
  2. Lay the tiles one at a time, using the attached lugs to lock the tiles together
  3. Trim the excess using a sharp blade for a perfect fit

Tiles can be replaced individually if damaged, further reducing maintenance costs.


  • Great for commercial mat recesses
  • Comes in 4 stylish colours: Anthracite, Blue, Brown and Grey
  • Heavy-duty crush-resistant nylon carpet – great for dirt and moisture prevention
  • Certified British Standards Slip Resistant: BS 7976-2:2002 Pendulum Test
  • Product height:16mm
  • Fire tested to EN13501 - Euro Classification B(F2)S2
  • Suitable for wheeled trolleys and suitcases
  • Safe for high heeled footwear.

Data Sheet:

  • Product Height: 16mm
  • Product Performance :Slip tested to R10. Load tested to 1,000 kg. This means that these tiles can withstand supermarket supply trolleys
  • Flame Retardancy: Fire tested to EN13501 Euro Classification B(F2)S2
  • Country of Origin: UK
  • Guarantee: 5 years
  • Notes: Notes: The fibres used are a tufted carpet product and therefore its appearance can vary depending on the direction of the pile and the light in the surrounding environment. To achieve a uniform appearance consider hoovering the product in a single direction

Delivery Free On Orders over £50 + VAT

  • Delivery £4.95+ VAT On Orders Under £50 + VAT
  • Orders Dispatched within 1 – 3 days of placing order ( Except for Custom lengths that will be dispatched in 3-5 days)
  • Please contact us if you require a quote on next day delivery

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