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Top Ten Points to Consider When Buying a Sack Truck

Top Ten Points To Consider When Buying a Sack Truck

Sack trucks are used in many environments and allow goods to be transported easily across warehouses, shop floors, workshops and other areas. Carrying heavy loads often risks injury, especially when carried by hand. Sack trucks and trolleys are designed to prevent injury and comply with health and safety legislation.

Sack truck

Purchasing a sack truck is a big deal. There are many points to consider if you want it to stand the test of time while being reliable and robust enough for daily use.

But with so many different options, knowing which one is best for you can be confusing. That's why we've created this handy guide with our top ten factors to consider when buying a sack truck.

Key Point 1: How regularly will the sack truck be used?

The type of sack truck you need will be significantly influenced by how often you need to use it. If you need to use your sack truck daily, one manufactured in the UK and has a heavy-duty construction is best.

If you only need to use the sack truck occasionally, you can confidently go for a medium to light-duty model. Whichever option you decide, ensuring it comes with an extended warranty for protection is always a plus.



White Goods Sack Truck

Key Point 2: How heavy are the loads you will be transporting?

Of course, purchasing a sack truck with the correct weight capacity for your needs is absolutely necessary.

Sack truck models can vary greatly. Some light-duty sack trucks have a weight capacity of around 100kg, while extremely heavy-duty models often have a 300kg capacity.

Key Point  3: Will you be transporting white goods?

If the answer is yes, it is best to go for a White Goods Sack Truck. This is because these have been specially designed to make transporting heavy appliances easier. They are also usually fitted with plastic tube protectors to reduce the risk of damage to your goods and prevent any marks or scratches during transportation.



Folding sack truck

Key Point 4: How much space do you have?

Most types of sack trucks are freestanding and therefore require some space for storage. This may not be an issue if you have a lot of room available or you only need one truck, but if you find yourself running low on floor space, a folding sack truck may be just what you need.

Folding sack trucks can easily collapse and fold to take up very little storage space. However, this does not affect their strength as some folding sack trucks can carry hefty loads of up to 250kg.

Key Point 5: Which type of toe plate is best for you?

The footplate, or toe plate, is the loading point of the sack truck – so it is essential to choose the right design for your application. There are two main types of footplates, each of which serves a different purpose:



Stair Climbing Chair Trolley
  • Folding toe plate: This is handy if you run on limited space and need to store your sack trucks away efficiently. The folding toe plate allows multiple sack trucks to be lined up behind each other and stowed away without taking up much room. This may be of great use for delivery drivers as a folding footplate will allow the users to place the sack truck flush against the side of the delivery vehicle.
  • Fixed toe plate: Set in place and always ready to use, this option is much more practical when you have enough storage space. They naturally improve the durability of the sack truck due to the lack of moving parts.

Key Point 6: Will it need to be used up and down stairs?

If the answer is yes, consider purchasing a sack truck designed for this purpose. These work just like regular sack trucks, with the added benefit of being fitted with a tri-star-wheel configuration. The contemporary design of the wheels makes carrying loads up and down stairs much easier.



2-Position Convertible Nylon Framed Sack Truck - 300kg Capacity

Key Point 7: Do you need a sack truck which can also function as a platform trolley?

Having a sack truck is great, but having a sack truck that also doubles as a platform trolley is even better. If this sounds like something that may be useful to your business, variants like the 2-in-1 and 3-in-1 convertible sack trucks may be just right for you.

Key Point 8: What surfaces will you use the sack truck on?

Wheels are a vital part of a sack truck; without them, they would not be functional. That's why you need to consider what type of surfaces your sack truck will run over to know which wheel type is best for you.

  • Polyurethane wheels – These tyres can be used on almost all surfaces thanks to crowned tyre tread, which makes minimum contact with the surface. This makes the sack truck much easier to manoeuvre.
  • Pneumatic style wheel – These tyres can be used on surfaces such as grass and gravel because they have a natural 'give' to them. This means they can absorb the unevenness of any rough surface to make transporting the sack truck as smooth as possible.


Gas cylinder trolley

Key Point  9: Do you want a sack truck to carry gas cylinders?

Although sack trucks are very versatile, not all types of products can be carried securely on a standard sack truck. That's why, if you need to transport gas cylinders, it's best to choose a specially designed gas cylinder trolley to carry out the job safely and efficiently.

Key Point 10: What type of handle is best for you?

Choosing the correct type of handle is essential for the user's safety and comfort. There are three main handle styles:

  • Two handles – these are the standard handle type and come fitted with knuckle guards for added comfort and to protect the user's hands when transporting heavy loads.
  • P-handles – the shape of these handles allows the user to gain a better angle and grip whilst manoeuvring on rough or uneven surfaces.
  • Loop handles – this type of handle can be used one-handed, which is useful when the person operating the sack truck is carrying other items simultaneously.


We hope you have found our key points listed above helpful when choosing your ideal sack truck.

Please do not hesitate to contact our friendly team if you have questions about sack trucks or other items from our website.


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