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Gas Cylinder Trolleys

Gas Cylinder Trolleys are used to move Gas Bottles safely and with ease. The range includes several different designs enabling you to move either 1 or 2 gas cylinders at the same time. Specialist Oxygen-Acetylene gas cylinder trolleys are also available for use by welders, with a choice of wheel configurations.

Gas Cylinder Trolleys - More Information

gas cylinder trolley

What are Gas Cylinder Trolleys?

Gas Cylinder Trolleys are used to move one or more gas cylinders safely and securely, so they can't topple over or be damaged during transit. They also allow the very heavy pressurised containers to be moved easily, reducing fatigue.

A Gas Cylinder Trolley is an essential piece of safety equipment that you’ll find in warehouses, laboratories, welding facilities and hospitals – anywhere, in fact, that uses pressurised gas cylinders.

How do Gas Cylinder Trolleys work?

Gas Cylinder Trolleys work by housing the gas cylinder in a secure open frame, with restraining chains to keep the cylinder from toppling out. Handles and wheels and, in some cases castors as well, allow the gas cylinder trolleys to be moved and steered smoothly and with little effort.

What are the benefits of using a Gas Cylinder Trolley?

When it comes to moving gas cylinders, there are several things to think about. They’re highly pressurised and flammable, with the potential for serious workplace accidents during transit. They are also long and thin, with no handle, which makes them unstable and tricky to move.

Gas Cylinder Trolleys are designed to overcome these issues. They restrain cylinders securely to prevent them from falling out or toppling over. Gas cylinder trolleys also move smoothly, which reduces the risk of manual handling fatigue. And they have an open frame, so the gas cylinders are not enclosed.

Which Gas Cylinder Trolleys are in the First Mats range?

We have a wide range of Gas Cylinder Trolleys, all manufactured in the UK to high-quality standards and providing safe and secure transport. The Single Gas Cylinder Trolley, available on two or three wheels, and the Tandem Gas Cylinder Trolley are ideal as general-purpose trolleys.

In many cases, the Gas Cylinder Trolley is specifically designed for one or two types of gas cylinder such as the 2-Wheel Propane & Calor Gas Cylinder Trolley and the T-bar Calor Gas Trolley, for smaller Calor Gas cylinders. 

We also have the Welders Oxygen-Acetylene Cylinder Trolley, which as the name suggests transports the two gas containers needed for welding, with options for two, three, or four wheels. Our Keg Transporter Trolley is designed to secure and carry one keg or cask, making it a popular option for pubs and restaurants. And our Small Gas Cylinder Trolley can transport up to 12 small oxygen cylinders, making it ideal for medical and laboratory settings.

Each gas bottle cylinder model has a maximum load capacity and a number of safety features, including:

  • Restraining chains
  • Handles at a comfortable height
  • Sturdy frames with an open design – so the person handling the trolley has a clear view of what's ahead and the gas canisters themselves are not enclosed
  • Robust wheels (and on some models, castors) that are easy to steer and require minimum effort to get the load moving and keep it in motion
  • Durable epoxy coating, in blue or light grey

Why First Mats?

We know our customers are looking for quality safety products at competitive prices, backed by outstanding customer service – we work hard to deliver on this, which is why we have a top Trustpilot rating. Our reputation depends on the fact that when you buy from First Mats, you’ll get the right product at the right price, with the added bonus of free delivery to all mainland UK destinations on orders over £45. If you have a question about a gas cylinder bottle or any other products, please do get in touch with our friendly and helpful team.