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White De-Icing Salt

Keep staff and visitors protected from slip accidents this winter with our premium white de-icing salt. Unlike standard salt grit, this white de-icing salt leaves no residue making it great for use around entrance areas. Our entire range conforms to BS3247:2011, the British Standard for de-icing salt, and includes free mainland UK delivery on all orders over £45.

White De-Icing Salt - More Information

25kg White De-icing Salt Bag

What is White De-icing Salt?

De-icing Salt from our Winter Maintenance collection is a pure white marine grade salt that melts snow and ice from pavements and other outdoor spaces and keeps paths, entrances and indoor spaces clean and free of residue.

How does White De-icing Salt work?

The salt (sodium chloride) lowers the freezing point of water, effectively melting ice and snow – we recommend using it for light to moderate ice or snow cover. Ideally, apply the de-icing salt before a fall of snow or ice forms. Alternatively, use the white de-icing salt on ice or snow that has already settled.

What are the benefits of White De-icing Salt?

  • The salt greatly reduces the risk of slip hazards. Salt is recognised by HSE as an effective gritter for dealing with slip hazards in ice, frost and snow during the autumn and winter months
  • White de-icing salt leaves little or no residue, making it a popular choice for shops, hospitals and schools needing to keep their entrances and foyers clean and attractive
  • Unlike traditional brown grit, once the salt has been spread it cannot be seen, keeping the premises looking clean and tidy
  • White de-icing salt is sustainably harvested from the Mediterranean sea

What De-icing Salt is in the First Mats range?

All of the de-icing salt in the First Mats range conforms to BS3247:2011, the British Standard for de-icing salt when used on highways. Our salt is almost 100% sodium chloride, which means it dissolves ice and snow quickly. It is also free-flowing, so it can be applied by hand or using spreaders. 

We have a range of options available, from a single bag containing 25Kg of White De-icing Salt to cost-effective bulk supplies (7, 21 and 42 bags each containing 25Kg of de-icing salt). The bulk supplies are ideal for use with mechanical spreaders to cover large areas such as playgrounds, access roads and car parks. We also have two Grit Bin Kits, which comprise one weatherproof yellow grit bin and either 8 or 16 25Kg bags of white de-icing salt.

Why buy your De-Icing Salt from First Mats?

We know our customers are looking for quality safety products at competitive prices, backed by outstanding customer service – we work hard to deliver on this, which is why we have a Five Star Trustpilot rating. Our reputation depends on the fact that when you buy your de-icing salt from First Mats, you’ll get the right product at the right price, with the added bonus of free delivery to all mainland UK destinations.