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Fire Safety Equipment

Keep your workplace protected with Fire Safety Equipment including all different types of fire extinguishers, related accessories and other equipment like fire blankets. All of our fire safety equipment is fully compliant with UK safety regulations so you can ensure that your business is properly protected against fire risks. Our fire blankets and smaller extinguishers are also perfect for domestic customers looking for fire protection at home.

Fire Safety Equipment - More Information

Fire safety equipment products

The importance of having fire safety equipment in the workplace cannot be overstated. If a fire breaks out, you need to know that you and your employees can respond appropriately, containing or extinguishing the fire where appropriate, and safely evacuating themselves and customers/members of the public if necessary.

This can be done safely, quickly and reliably with appropriate fire safety equipment.

Fire Safety Regulations and Responsibilities

In the United Kingdom, the government demands that appropriate fire safety measures are put in place and maintained as part of the key responsibilities of the owner, employer, landlord, occupier or another controlling person, i.e., facilities manager, building manager, etc. Failure to comply with the fire safety regulations can lead to a fine or imprisonment, so it’s an important thing to get right.

The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 covers general fire safety in England and Wales. In Scotland, requirements on general fire safety are covered in Part 3 of the Fire (Scotland) Act 2005, supported by the Fire Safety (Scotland) Regulations 2006.

Make sure to check for any specific laws or guidelines applicable to your industry or site. Above and beyond the importance of complying with legal requirements, there is a moral aspect to consider. If the worst were to happen in your workplace, would you feel that you had done enough to minimise the risk and the danger?

What kind of Fire Safety Equipment do you need?

There is a large variety of fire safety equipment on the market, and making sense of what you need can sometimes be tricky. Individual business requirements depend entirely on what kind of business you are operating and the type of premises you operate within.

Warning and instruction signs - This kind of equipment covers a broad spectrum: Warning about potential dangers such as the increased risk of an electrical fire or the presence of particularly flammable materials Instructions on emergency behaviour, like directions toward alarm or extinguisher points, showing the way to the nearest emergency exit or even how to quickly open a door (‘push bar to open’, for example)

Promoting good general behaviour, like instructing personnel to keep doors and walkways obstruction-free.

Extinguisher equipment - The kind of extinguishers that you keep on-site should be appropriate to the environment. If you are running a professional kitchen and there is a risk of an oil-based fire, you need an extinguisher that is not water-based. Likewise, if there is a risk of an electrical fire, your extinguisher should be designed to deal with it.

Remember to keep an adequate number of extinguishers for the size of your rooms/site/machinery.

Fire doors, closers and locks -  Fire doors are specifically engineered to contain or slow the spread of a fire and/or smoke, and are a legal requirement in the majority of commercial and industrial environments.

Automatic closers are part of this requirement, as they prevent fire doors from being left open accidentally.

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