Cantilever Workbench and Accessories Kit F - Wood Worktop

Our Cantilever Workbench and Accessories Kit F model comes with a solid beech worktop and has the most functionality of all our benches. It has many secure storage areas and multiple accessories that are suitable for light assembly and manufacturing jobs. It is made in the UK and makes a great long-term investment.

  • 27mm beech wood worktop is robust and highly durable.
  • 250kg Safe Working Load (SWL) evenly distributed.
  • The super-strong UK-built steel frame can handle regular use.
  • Multiple add-ons for great productivity and flexibility.
  • Easy installation on-site due to knock-down kit form.


A highly flexible workbench with many accessories

This workbench has every available add-on and allows the user to perform all types of assembly tasks with ease. Accessories include: lockable storage cabinet and 3-drawer unit, louvre panel and pinboard, LED lighting, worktop service duct, and upper shelf/tool rail.

High-quality and durable workbench for light manufacturing

Companies looking for a durable and good quality, UK-made workbench will enjoy the Cantilever Workbench and Accessories Kit F model. It works well for all types of assembly and light manufacturing jobs and increases productivity for the end user.

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