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Hygro Double-Weight Oil Absorbent Pads

Contain oil spills safely and quickly with our specially designed Hygro Oil Absorbent Pads. With their double layered construction, these pads will soak up even more oil than the single layer equivalents.

These pads are Hygrophobic, meaning that they do not absorb water. This makes them perfect for use in areas such as the outdoors where you need to absorb oil or fuel without the pads becoming saturated with water.

Compatible with Hydraulic Oil, Engine Oil, Lubricating Oil and a range of solvents and fuels, our Hygro Oil Absorbent Pads are a safe and convenient way to deal with oil based spillages.



  • Pad size: 39cm x 48cm
  • Pack quanity: 100pcs
  • Total absorption: 85 Litres per 100 pads
  • Packaging: Polywrapped
  • Suitable for: Non hazardous Oils and Fuels



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