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Heavy-Duty Workbench and Accessories Kit D - Laminate Worktop

The Heavy-Duty Workbench and Accessories Kit D with laminate worktop provides good functionality, great strength and durability. It has a fully-welded strong steel frame and suits most kinds of manufacturing and industrial uses. Accessories include a 3-drawer unit, storage cupboard, louvre panel, pinboard, and upper laminate shelf.

  • Safe Working Load (SWL) of 1200kg evenly distributed.
  • Super-strong steel frame with graphite grey powder coating.
  • Storage drawers and cupboard, louvre panel, and shelving.
  • Delivered in knock-down kit form for easy installation.
  • Robust 20mm laminate worktop that can withstand heavy use.


Secure storage and innovative features

Our Heavy-Duty Workbench and Accessories Kit D model combines extra secure storage options with other innovative features. Lockable drawers keep tools safe for health and safety purposes, while other add-ons improve company productivity.

Durable and strong to last for many years

This workbench is made in the UK and will last for a long time, even with regular, demanding use. The laminate work surface is tough and resistant to knocks and scrapes. The steel is fully-welded and ideal for manufacturing purposes.

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